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Down on tape I'm Morgan this is Donna Donna helper she knows more about broadcasting history than anybody you will meet yes she's in the greater Boston area but that does not mean her intelligence is restricted to the greater Boston area you're free supposing that I have intelligence I can I can I just say one thing real quick about something I just heard on the news Tom Foti with whom I also go back years and years just mentioned the death of jazz pianist McCoy Tyner yes in fact brought back some memories I was working in New York in nineteen seventy five seventy six seventy seven and in fact Donald Trump was my landlord but that's another story for another day but McCoy Tyner was just an amazing jazz pianist as I'm sure many people in the audience are aware he'd played with John Coltrane and and now he had his own career in his own band and I remember he did a jazz album called fly with the wind it was on fantasy milestone records I remember it like it was yesterday and all of the jazz purists were really upset because it had to strain on it okay and people were just like oh no that's not real jazz and that was just that that entire attitude which we see again in the nineties to about like what is rock and roll back can't be rock and this can't be a rock what people were doing it with chancellor's like no that's not real chance but I had the privilege of watching him perform and my god what a great pianist he was it was just an amazing thing and I'm sorry to lose him he was he was a legend show caption just thinking about you and I it seems so many great people yep welcome back yep and it's scary when you look at the list right now we're losing an awful lot of good people the the folks out there who are rush fans say they're yeah I mean it this is been a very very difficult couple of months because the drummer for Russian Neil Peart launched a three year battle with cancer back in January and it was just as shocked as so many people because he was a very private guy and he didn't really want to talk about it with the world at large so when it finally happened it was it was just it was stunning and to this day I mean come on I knew him for forty five years and still not completely over so well so yeah we've lost an awful lot of good people and I'm glad that we can be on the year to tell their stories and make sure that they're remembered how to speaking speaking at telling stories you would started to tell one but we had to come up to break do you want to still I'll tell the story please this fact that does but let me say we lost in the late eighties in nineteen eighty eight at least okay and Hanna Barbera was still trying to market all this sixties characters they had yogis last Olympics yogi's gang on the ark and does Butler was telling me they're wise a director very young new to the business and he had to direct das Butler and don Messick and all the other actors who had may their names doing these characters and I guess there was a line where how can to respond in a very frightened way and the director told told dots Butler he aided this character how he interpreted the script the line was I am going to scare you huckleberry hound something to that effect and how did it take he said he was and we did in the director said no no no no no that's not what we want das corrected that's what hawk would have done I had to tell a young director that's what this character would have done because I A. M. this character yep doesn't it doesn't even surprise me yeah I can tell you about all kinds of veteran actors and actresses who knew their character intimately I don't know if you used to watch the young hair kewl plateaus series on now public broadcasting yeah it was a guy named David Souchez played porro who he's he's still around he's still acting but I saw an interview with him where he said that some director was trying to tell him how to play play a role in it was like you know I've been playing him for twenty five years I think I know the character so so that was rash hello I got another one and then I want to take the car let me take a call to remind me say Star Trek and I remember all I wanted to talk about Star Trek yes okay okay our call break and then we return he can it's Brad in Land hello where thank you the email you the you tonight all right what's up all right what I guess is this what don I I listen you guys chat many many different nights but we've been interesting our our daughter here yeah wealth of knowledge in in there it's great to but this one thing that really piqued my interest discovery of rush one of my favorite bands and you just allow rated a moment ago about the depth of field here and please discuss war how does this come a play about how did what came of that how to dress comes out and the collaborative discovery of ride sharing I mean there's another story the story has been told many many times but the bottom line the short version is it started with an act of altruism it started with a Canadian record promoter named Bob Roper with whom I am still in touch who had passed on the band does the they had like sent their little home grown record to a and M. of Canada and the record company this was like way back in like the early seventies what this wind farm right here the drummer or was this democratic chairman John Rossi was still there yes yep and they sent their little home grown record because back in those days that's what she did you either sent a tape for you sent the home grown record and they sent a record to the Canadian record company because they were from Toronto and the record company executives listened and said need not ready for prime time but real one what was that this was the one that ten seventy four but one record promoter really believed that there was something there and for no reason other than he liked the band and he'd seen them play and he just wanted to be a nice guy and he sent it on to me because he knew that I was a music director at a major radio station and that was that yes I was at WMMS in Cleveland and beach yes maybe I could do something for this band and as it turned out I could I did and we ended up being friends for forty five years but it never happened I was without that one guy you send and may the record for no reason other than it was the right thing to do wow that's an incredible story I'm glad I heard that I'm glad I heard it from the amount that is all right mailing Brad I hate to do but I was gonna break to take thank you hope you enjoyed that information everybody else let me give you time and temperature we've got other calls to get to I've got my Star Trek story and let's take a break time and temperature or two seventeen thirty two degrees the Morgan show on WBZ newsradio ten thirty the I heart radio app is totally free always a play list for me this is a good playlist workout playlists show plays reggae classic rock when I'm looking at you really know what they're doing at the plate I have my phone with me all the time so pretty much the app is open all the time this known me for a.

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