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The home run derby right i mean bryce harper gay he's the local guy like i said they had to twist his arm to make sure that he was going to be able to take part in it but some of these other names i mean alex bregman probably isn't even the biggest slugger even in the houston astros lineup right havi bias on me by as a really good player but i don't think of him as one of the best power hitters in major league baseball max muncie who's had a cinderella season for the los angeles dodgers guy was like at a baseball and it's come out of nowhere to be a vital cog on that baseball team most people couldn't pick max monthly out of a lineup you know but the erin judges of the world that john carlos stanton's jd martinez i'm just talking about the guys who have hit the most home runs this year you know the big sluggers in two thousand eighteen they were nowhere to be found in that homerun derby mike trout wasn't in the home run derby jose ramirez wasn't in the home run derby but it is an exhibition and i get it but it is good to see that most of the best players in this sport they're going to be around later tonight for this all star game and it is going to be baseball's best and by the way i'll tell you something else i also like the fact that they did away with the all star game being the condition for home field advantage in the world series i thought that was ridiculous it's an exhibition game tried and true always has been always will be you can't force more people to watch if it's going to mean something supposedly because you have to go all in and one of the problems i had would baseball in what they did when allowing the home when allowing the all star game to mean homefield advantage for the world series is that they still let the fans have too big of an input in it right if the game counts if the game means something that he got to do away with the fans voting for the starters because in one breath you can't say that it's a game for the fans which it is but then in the next sentence you say oh no but it means home field advantage for the all star game or for the world series he can't have it hand in hand now it's an exhibition you allow the fans to vote even if they don't necessarily get it right and it's still a popularity contest at the end of the day i understand all those things but that's the way it should be and when you look at a guy like bryce harper and his free agency looming at the end of this season you take a guy like manny machado and as we wait here to find out where he's going to call home again when the second half of the season resumes at the later part of this week you know like i said chances are you might hear something as early as tonight because they put the moratorium down that they don't want any trades announced or any sort of big moves made during the all star festivities but there have been guys traded as soon as that all star game goes final in the past and i would expect the same thing to happen in manny machado at the very latest at the very latest you're going to hear something by tomorrow that the baltimore orioles have moved on from many machado but he's another guy that's going to be a free agent at the end of the season as big a rental player as we've seen come along in several years right because good luck trying to resign this guy whoever trades form so you're going to have to give up a bounty to be get him off baltimore's hands and then you're also going to have to go into the season saying boy i hope we have just as good a shot as some of these other teams to be able to retain his services because he's a hell of a player and certainly manny machado he is on a godawful baseball team with the baltimore orioles they have had as bad as season as you could possibly have they're well on their way to losing over one hundred games and he's probably thrilled that he's getting the heck out of that situation but he hasn't allowed all that stuff and all that noise.

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