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Snow. The bundy's dared the federal government to try to stop them. They held daily press conferences to talk about how the government can't own land. But there were differences from the standoff in Nevada, two years earlier. Many townspeople didn't by the bundy's story. This time they posted signs across burns that said, militia, go home. They held meetings asking the sheriff to turn off the power to the refuge and let the bundy's freeze when the occupiers called for supplies. People from around the world sent boxes, sex toys, really. They called them y'all Kedah on social media vanilla ISIS. They spend a wish the way on all this hateful stuff to send out your choice. But the biggest difference between Oregon and Nevada is that this time shots are fired, and it happens on a remote Oregon highway twenty six days after the occupation started an informant tips off the feds that the bundy's and other leaders of the takeover are driving in two cars to a nearby town. They plan to hold a meeting in the next county over and see the sheriff who supported their cause. But on the way, federal and state law enforcement sets up roadblocks. Ammon Bundy gives up immediately. He gets out hands up as Oregon state police close in, but the people in the other Trump don't give up occupation spokesman, Robert lavar finicky is behind the wheel. He was once a model rancher paid his grazing fees to the federal government. But he converted to bundy's way of seeing things during bunkerville. So you do you damn well, please. I'm not going anywhere I am right there. You bet data. You give me now. Develop through me. What you're hearing is a video taken from inside finicky comes truck during that stock inside the truck with Finnigan was Ryan bunny an eighteen year old girl named Victoria, sharp, and the person shooting the video Shawna Cox. Depending on who you ask. What happens next is either an assassination attempt or justified police shooting at all. Never stopped should never have stop. Ryan bunny says they shouldn't have stopped lasers from rifles flash inside the truck officer shout to get out. It doesn't take long before finicky hits a breaking point. Down down. Steps on the gas. I shooting barrels around the curved road and when he gets through the roadblock, he swerves at the last minute, the vehicle narrowly misses an FBI agent. Truck crashes in the snow. And before the truck is fully stopped Finnigan leaps out. Someone fires, two shots that hit the truck. He stumbles through knee-deep snow, keep shouting. His hands are up at first. Then he reaches for his jacket, pocket inside is loaded handgun. He put his hands up again and he reaches hands up, reach. Finally, police do shoot him. He never managed to grab the gun. Apple. Too. Damn lands. Yeah. Damn. Why are they keep shooting. Bye. All of us. Back. Here's your stupid. Police were shooting balls of pepper spray. The voi- was bleeding out and snowbank on the side of the road. Law enforcement had been trying hard to avoid a shootout. They waited twenty six days for the bundy's to leave the compound and the roadblock was on an isolated road for the bundy's can call for backup. Within days a memorial popped up, we're Lavoix had died, and the Bundy crew were talking about it like an assassination. Who is the ultimate example of a tarantula government. Imminent Ryan Bundy were arrested at the roadblock and went to jail in Oregon. Cliven Bundy was arrested days later as he got off a flight in Portland, he was coming to help his sons. Instead, he was indicted on the list of charges stemming from the bunkerville standoff in Nevada. Prosecutors had been waiting two years to spring. This trap. It wasn't looking good for the bundy's. The Mao your occupation had led to a man's death and they were about to have to argue in front of a federal judge that the standoffs were justified because the federal government couldn't own state land. But then in court, things did not go as expected. The court case in the verdict when Bundy Ville continues. Most of us brush our teeth wrong because most brands focus on selling flashing gimmicks rather than better brushing, but not quip. Quip is the new electric toothbrush. That's a fraction of the cost of bulkier. Brushes impacts premium by brations for perfect, two minute clean plus quips, guiding pulses. Remind you went to switch sides and they'll deliver new brush heads on a dentist, recommended schedule every three months for just five dollars, including free shipping. Worldwide. Quip starts at just twenty five dollars. And if you go to get quick dot com slash nine nine right now you'll get your first refill pack free with a quip, electric toothbrush. That's spelled g. e. t. q. u. IP dot com. Slash nine nine. That's get quip dot com. Slash the numbers. Nine nine. We've all heard a lot about privacy policies in the last few months, but have you ever heard

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