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The Mark Arum show. Hey, how you doing? What's going on? Joe? I like your show. Thank you, brother. When I was younger. My my mother worked for a doctor and what I learned that they found. From mold. I once made a joke instead of paying for doctor. Visit antibiotics I could just eat mold when I got sick. He said if you ate mold that you could be as little as a stomach ache or possibly get so sick that you end up hallucinating, and and being nauseous, and blah, blah, blah. So I'm thinking maybe so may treats with moldy ingredients. Yeah. I think it's just a bad. Chef is the culprit I really wish he was dabs theory that they just grabbed the wrong rice crispy treats like they grabbed. I don't think they grabbed the wrong ones in hiding in the back. He's been here. He won't know, exactly. Like, they grabbed uncle Janis rice crispy treats instead of the ones that mom made for, but but according to Matt Johnston there is not unless it was synthetic. That's possible that doesn't show up. Or? And it wasn't just one thing. There's brownies. They were right. My mom was right. There are certain kitchens. You don't eat from. That's true. I bet Neil. Mayor grandkids go to sandtown middle school. Don't donate from your mom, your mom, never told you that like. I don't know my mom put a fear of other people's kitchens in my head early early. Like, I was very sketched out when I go to friends houses like after school, you go to play like, rob Fred Yonis mom's like, do you want to sandwich new? I'm good. My mom told me. No. Can you hear give me a can of something? Give me something. That's unopened. Give me a can of V eight. I don't want any. I don't want you. Cooking anything for me. Slam neurotic now as an adult can I can I tell you something personal sure longoria. Everybody turns. Get up this morning three in the morning. Take a shower. Plot to fresh towels out of the linen closet. And I realized two point two I I used to thousands, really. Yeah. Yeah. Well, you have long hair. He doesn't. Karen, it's quicker. I dunno. I put one around my waist and dry. My anyway, whatever we'll another thing. Okay. Gives me crap values into. Pal. No, I'm looking like one big one regular towel to like smaller towels like a beach towel. I'll just use one like a regular towel that you would buy. Two days Mark McKay. Do you use one towel or two towels? When he get out of the shower,.

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