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Cautious because we're not out of the woods yet says the Tuesday after Labor Day they get a lot of calls about fires still burning hand if that starts a wild fire you could be held liable for the cost to put it out of the graphic example of the danger of fast moving grass fire in Portland late yesterday exploded into an inferno that destroyed one town house a couple of businesses dozens of cars at a nearby dealership were also damaged in this four alarm fire investigators store sure what started it but they say conditions were dry and windy in the Willamette Valley is under a red flag warning come on his time five oh six Seattle teachers made tonight to vote on a tentative contract agreement with the school district it includes a pay raise his support for school racial equity teams and additional nurses and counselors the meeting starts at five o'clock at Benaroya hall mill creek police say a missing mother and her one year old daughter have been located safe in California twenty two year old Gabriela Harkness and a one year old daughter Serena ours Sierra we're staying at her parents home in Mill Creek and they were found just before midnight last night safe in Los Angeles county seatac airport is gearing up for a busy Labor Day weekend TSA says Thursday and Friday mornings will be the busiest travel times good news for travelers as we are going to be fully staffed we're gonna have all lanes open you can go to any security checkpoints gets to any gate now and you can watch real time security wait times if you download the sea tac app commodious time five oh seven if you belong to a gym in Everett beware of locker room thieves these days here's what police told como's Machel Esteban we believe there's about thirty people baldness every TV says the ring is linked to twenty cases and that most of the gyms in every have been hit the typical ammo sign in with fake names or slip by the front desk police say once inside the accused head straight for locked lockers and within minutes users ID's and credit cards to buy cash cards or merchandise come into city still end up getting a local hotel room where they all operate out.

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