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Was I thinking of it that moment I was thinking about the success of those ribs. I did right. How many racks ju just one just one right? Rhonda's mirada Kendra any sides or anything like that Kim made some Pinto beans and also had some sausage from Louis Mueller's in Taylor that I had put on some leftover sausage a winner. It was a winner. That's great. That's how I answer your question. What were you thinking? I was thinking about those ribs. I appreciate that five one two eight three six zero five AM ribs should your employer or your boss know, if you have a side job part time gig to make ends meet should your boss know that you're doing something on the side. I think the boss should know if there's a job that could potentially conflict with the job that you have been hired to do the same week that an employee resigned. After auditor said that he used his work computer on a second job. The city of Boston announced its long awaited new policy on moonlighting set to take effect March. The first a spokesperson for the city human resources department said Friday that a new policy has been finalized, the begins March one, and will require employees to notify their supervisor if they work a second job and require city departments to denote that those jobs. They're moonlighting personnel. File it's going to go on your permanent record their HR that you have a second. The job. You know, the way I feel about it is that I don't see any reason for them to know and less suddenly a conflict pops up shows itself or some other kind of problem other than conflict. Maybe it's a it's a it's an issue that is going to be a make the current job that they've been hired to do. Maybe that's going to be an image problem based on the other job say say, we find out that you're dancing topless somewhere. Todd. And that might be a problem for the image of the Todd and Don show. Sure. In other words, if a problem arises deal with it, otherwise, I'm not sure why they need to know, especially if they're using city equipments. Well, that's that's an issue. We've been talking about. If that conflict comes in you have to deal with it. It is seven thirty edits new policy that takes a fact I predicted this as soon as the voters said no to that full city audits against their wishes as soon as voters were trick to vote. No on that full city audit in the last election. I told you that day we're going to start to see the city auditor come out with things that that they've caught. Yeah. And sure enough every every other day, we get another story about and they think that it proves that we don't need a city audit. But in reality, it proves we do need a city on it. We're just scratching the surface. So texans. We'll get their February food benefits early because of the ongoing partial government shutdown current supplemental Nash nutritional assistance program or snap recipients will get their benefits automatically loaded onto lonestar. Debit cards January the twentieth now snap is that program. Divides helped millions of low income families to buy food monthly benefits worth four hundred and ten million dollars. On average every month here in the state of Texas now released from the Texas, health and human services commission Senate would allow people who received the benefits time to manage them easier. Given the uncertainty of the funding because of this shutdown. The US department of Ag also told other states to release money early states are allowed to release the funding until it runs out that is that is absolutely extraordinary that that that is a stunning amount. I may we're we're looking at. Not not too far under six billion dollars a year for this certainly it is in the billions, and maybe my math is a little bit off their butt, and that makes the USDA very happy. And that makes the Democrats very happy. It also makes HEB very happy and fiesta Texas in Kroger and WalMart and other grocery stores. Yeah. True. True. But you know, we've talked before about how. The there tends to be a little bit of anxiety. If there is no way on God's green earth that this is one hundred percents on the up and up. Now, you're telling me four hundred ten million dollars a month. There's not some waste. There's not some scammers involved in the snap program. And in a in a forgiven out that much and they're also eating free breakfast, lunch and dinner at school. The kids of the parents on the snap program. Should they be is that double dipping? Exactly exactly the tips for the the states, the health and human services commission released some tips on how to manage your money a little bit better. If you're on the snap program recipients are encouraged to spread out there shopping throughout the month of February instead of making spending in all one mash trip spread it out. Now people who already are eligible for the benefits in February do not need to do anything to get their food stamps. According to the health and human services commission of Texas and people who are in the process of renewing their benefits are encouraged to submit their documents as soon as possible and people who have applied for benefits should submit their verification documents as soon as possible as well we're talking about a story a couple of years ago. I remember where the USDA was was anxious because they didn't feel that there were people on food stamps to me that was a very positive Boston actually does an advertising campaign to get people to sign up. Yes. Get more people to sign up to recruit. Well, that's money that comes back to Austin. Sure, it's federal dollars that come back to Austin their spin it local grocery stores. So in a way, the city of Austin would would benefit from that. Right. That source. There's a sales tax involved things like that. Yeah. Yeah. So it makes sense for the city of Austin to try to lure more federal dollars back to town. But what they don't realize it's all our money Jenny at AWS bribes good morning, Jenny. Good morning. Guys are y'all fine. Thank you. I am a mother of two married, and I go to HEB probably sometimes two three times a week. And I can guarantee you that the amount of abuse of those programs is appalling, meaning the people in front of me, you can see him coming from a mile away have their hair done their nails done. You know, everything in the line. They pay they use their both camp to get, you know, the grocery and then put that little divider, and then they're buying their beer and cigarettes and everything else. The giant cash they pull out of there, really nice handbag. And it really kills me. And I just want. I would love to hear over the intercom. Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, anybody who is shopping right now, I'm sorry are campus down that you plan on anything today. Unfortunately, we won't be able to help you and just watch how many people walk out of that door just watch and count. How many buggies are left in the aisles? And I would just stay in there and do my thing. And I just I'm telling you, I every single time. And it's still point. I don't want to be a negative Nancy or anything. But I almost want to give these people that'll attitude and let them know people. See you and they have no shame. But stamps are designed to get a leg up there. Not a way of life. No, you're right. Many people abuse the system they use it as a way of life and Jimmy look at what sides, look what's inside the buggies. Oh, absolutely everything that will lead to them having their toes removed because they're diabetic and you're paying for that too. Almost like, you know, what I want to say, you know, don't mind that let me just swipe my debit cards. We're paying for it. Anyway. Right. I got you get that for you. It's really bad. I'm thirty five years old, and I have been this forever. And I am just perspective enough to pick up on it. And I just want to call them out. And I encourage other people to do it as well. Get steaks. You're going to run the show. They got stakes in their buggy that you can't afford. Absolutely. And we might me and my husband were hard worker. That's how I was raised. I believe in the system though, I do believe some people do fall through the cracks absolutely the help other people. Shame those other situations. And I I'm just sick of it. I see it every single time. I hear you Jimmy. I've seen it to seven forty five. Let's take a look at Austin's on time traffic. Here's melinda. Slow. Traffic conditions have formed on the freeways mo- pack. Northbound approaching wells branch Parkway, we have reports several rack also collisions three sixteen northbound at bold ruler way and east to ninety westbound approaching nine seventy three reported racks, McKinney falls Parkway. Dee Gabriel Collins road Hamilton pool road at crumley ranch road in north Quinlan park at Steiner ranch boulevard. Your next report's at eight oh. Four a Melinda. Bryant with us. On time traffic today. We'll bring clouds and intervals of sunshine will have a chilly day again with a high of fifty two then turning cloudy with a low of thirty eight tonight from the weather center, I'm Heather zehr. This scenario. Seven forty six Todd Jeffries and Don pride here on the of Don show start. Your engines preparations are underway for the two thousand nineteen Detroit auto show one of the vehicles, so far drawing the most interest from the media before the show's official opening is the Ford Explorer Cadillac is also showing off its x t six which is smaller than a truck but big enough to fit a family Toyota is bringing back. It's high-performance Supra Nissan INFINITI, a luxury brand planned to show off to concept electric vehicles as well and Volkswagen is updating its Passat for twenty twenty.

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