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Were way davis and we'll talk about this more when he gets back on about it up after girl eleven pitches in last night's game i would do to carry out matsick bitch number eighteen forever he's been short this was high with a fastball year wanted to addison russell for such a young player how many big moments as he had in his cubs career russell this game has driven at four of the nine at cubs rudd's two different doubles now wanda was while it should have been caught by jason worth it wasn't but his double in the fifth in again shares are i think was the key it at his game one two swingset misses the ball goes to the backstop and ricochets back to love with daughter who plays the care of it throws the first dig at russell my goodness naturals cancers what is going on in this getting the scene at all that i've just a really fortunate break for that ads so that's drag out class' this time and bats at retires aside in order onetwothree danny murphy's gotta lead off hit the bottom of the eighth the cubs with a nine seven lead over the nationals sit in the middle of the eight this is that actually division series audie sb a radio and a espn abc presented by autozone in the six eighty head over heels in love ready to popped.

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