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Doug again in his day after news conference as he has twenty four hours to digest the crowd that he saw in Miami on Sunday. But first let me give you my three the things from Sunday's debacle and I think the overarching theme for this Particular Game Is that coaching is to blame for what's going on here with the Philadelphia. Eagles you're going to hear some some people and you're going to see some people who say coaching didn't have anything to do with what happened yesterday. There were lots of penalties on the eagles. There is lots of mistakes. Lots of physical errors lots of mental errors but all of that comes back to coaching. And all of that comes back to Doug Peterson and Jim Schwartz Paul them bikinis of ESPN as a researcher feature for the ESPN radio morning. Show he does all kinds of research for them. Had A very fascinating statistic. And it's it's borne out by the fact that The Eagles a Odds of winning the game after they went up. Twenty eight to fourteen early in the third quarter were in the in the ninety percent area. The Eagles blue that fourteen point lead in the second half and over the last three three years teams had been forty five zero with a two touchdowns second half lead against opponents with a record that was five games or more below five hundred. The Miami Dolphins came into yesterday to nine seven games below five hundred over the last three years. No team did what the Eagles had done in forty five games forty five. Chances forty-five opportunities teams in the Eagles position. Had A two touchdown lead in the second half on a bad football team. Eighteen fiber more games under five hundred and all forty five of those other teams one except for the Eagles on Sunday. And I think this losses on Jim Schwarz's shoulders first and foremost Doug Peterson second. And I don't want Doug Peterson fired. I'm not even my mind's not even going there because I still think he's a good coach. So anybody calling for Doug Peterson to be fired. And that's just that's idiotic guy won a super bowl but the calls for Jim Schwartz to be fired. I'd be okay if he was if he was fired today this week or after the season it doesn't really matter to me. Because if you do fire Schwartz now what are you GonNa do with defensive coordinator you're GonNa hire assistant or something like you're not bringing somebody in from the outside so with Jim Schwartz. If they fire them today fine if they don't fire him they wait till the end of the season. That's fine too but I think you know shorts. His main problem and I really think this has been dug. Peterson's problem this year in particular is a failure to adjust in game two. What's happening a failure to recognize? Is what his defensive players are good at and changing his scheme to what they had planned before the game to take advantage of that it was so clear watching devante Parker worker who is fine but not a game changing receiver. Most of the time they needed to do something different with devante Parker. They needed to double cover devante. Parker maybe we'll see in the all twenty two. They tried to do that a little bit more. Maybe we'll hear kissing SOLLAC break that down and we'll see that maybe Jim Schwartz tried to do that a little bit more but it sure didn't look like it on Sunday from the broadcast. Broadcast in Parker has talent. But he's not he's not a great wide receiver. He's not Amari Cooper. He'd been hot lately. He had seven catches for one hundred and thirty five of yards against the bills in week. Eleven and six for ninety-one against Cleveland in week. Twelve but then erupted for seven for one fifty nine and two touchdowns on Sunday before the the last three games. He didn't have a game of more than seventy five yards. He only got to seventy yards twice had sixty or less receiving yards in six of his thirteen games. This year. He was shut out in week. Two against New England he has eight hundred fifty four yards receiving this year. Looks like he's GonNa hit a thousand but before this year he had never had more than seven hundred. Forty forty four receiving yards in a season and that was back in two thousand sixteen devante. Parker is not some wide receiver stud but the eagles made him look like Randy Moss. And that's happened and a lot this year and they don't seem to have any answers and listen. I know that Jim Schwartz can only use the ingredients that he's been given and Ryan Fitzpatrick and Devante. Hey Parker tortured jalen mills and Ronald Darby. And it wasn't just devante Parker either mills when he was targeted gave up six catches for one hundred two yards and two touchdowns fitzpatrick. It's Patrick had a one hundred. Forty four point four passer rating when targeting targeting receivers going after meals with Darby. He gave up four catches for one hundred one yards and a touchdown and the quarterback had a one zero nine point seven passer rating going. After him those are your to starting cornerbacks now. Darby can stay with guys but he can't do anything when the balls in his area. He can't track the ball he doesn't know how to get the ball out of the receiver stands and jalen mills can flash a good game here and there but the film says something else about on him. He's not a great player. You may not even be a good player. And that's what this team is lacking they're lacking guys that can play man on the outside. So what do you do if you're a defensive coordinator and you see that you don't have starting cornerbacks that can match up with a with a wide receiver. Maybe try Russell. Douglas a taller cornerback. Devante Parker just to see if it'll work. I don't love Russell. Douglas out on the outside corner. I don't think he's all that great. But but it was pretty clear. jalen mills and Ronald Darby weren't getting the job done or you switch to some other kind of you switch to some other kind of scheme you to double cover Parker something thing. You cannot blow twenty eight to fourteen lead by allowing scoring drive on six straight possessions. There were five straight possessions where they scored a touchdown if take out the kneel down Just before the half. It's an it was an absolutely atrocious and reprehensible defensive display. No other team allowed Miami to do what the Eagles did yesterday. That tells you something that tells you something about the roster that Howie Roseman put together and it tells you something about Jim Schwartz ability to coach up these guys and change things mid game to give them a chance. They didn't have a chance in the second half yesterday to a team that was to nine and couldn't score at all coming into this week. And then you've got to look at Doug Peterson. It almost seems as though when they realized that the defense wasn't going to put the dolphins away. Everybody got what type everybody tried making the hero play. I mean when they got twenty eight to fourteen and then the dolphins went right back down the field. Six plays seventy five yards in three minutes to make it a one possession game twenty eight twenty. Two kicker missed the extra point. The Eagles came out and they went on another good. Dr Go Twenty eight fourteen early in the third quarter. You can't ask for a whole a lot more than that when the dolphins made twenty eight to twenty. Here's what the years. What Doug Peterson? Did I intend short passes akers for nine yards. Okay good then they ran mile sanders anders for eight yards. So that gets you a first and ten thrown forty two Carson Wentz through his a pass over the middle to got it for twenty four yards. It gets you to the Miami thirty four so far so good. Then you get a short pass to alshon Jeffery for eleven yards. It's another first down to the Miami Twenty three miles. Sanders runs up the middle on. I ten three yards. Second and seven. You don't want Doug. The Peterson running on second and seven. So in the shotgun wentz throws an incomplete. Pass across the MILTA- Zakar. It's that's the past that hurts. Dropped so now you're faced faced faced with third and seven at the Miami Twenty Carson Wentz get sacked for a ten yard loss and then Jake Elliott misses the field goal. I don't have any problem with the play calling in that series series. Unfortunately the dolphins then go back down the field against six plays Sixty one yards and three twenty four twenty eight twenty six so now you see the eagles starting to get tight you see. It's a two point game and you can just feel the momentum moving and I and I think this is what got into the Eagles offense here I I intend Carson. wentz has an incompletion to alshon Jeffery. On a short pass second ten they run Mile Sanders on second long. which is not what you WANNA do it? Still game aim five yards so now you've got thirty five and Carson wentz tries to go deep down the field on a fifty fifty bald alshon Jeffery which is just a bad idea alcyone. Jeffrey doesn't make that catch anymore. But you get defensive. Pass interference so it works so now you have first tenant Midfield Carson. Wentz has another her incompletion. Deep Tashaun Jeffrey so now and so you could argue maybe you should have run miles sanders there. But now you've got second ten. You don't WANNA run on second long so carson and wince tries to swing pass two mile sanders that goes for minus four yards. So now you're in third and fourteen. You're not running here and Carson Wentz tres another incomplete. Deep Ball to Alshon Jeffery Jeffrey its fourth and fourteen. You're putting away now. The dolphins marched right back down the field and they score they're touchdown and go up thirty four to twenty eight so the Eagles get another possession. Sure sure okay. Maybe we can run the ball a little bit more but now you're down now you're losing and time is not exactly your friend but you still have the whole fourth quarter here you get the ball with about eleven minutes left. So what does what does he do. They run Mile Sanders off. Right tackle for four yards okay second and six Carson wentz throws a short pass across the middle two mile sanders for two yards third and four. You're not running the ball in this situation. Carson Wentz again tries going deep to Sean Jeffrey on third down all they needed it was four yards to keep the drive alive but they throw a low percentage pass deep down the field. There's a pass interference call on on Nelson. Aguilar away from the play Alshon. Now Sean Jeffrey. The ball goes incomplete. It's now fourth and four. You GotTa pointed away from Your own thirty one. Miami goes down the field kicks. The field goal takes five five minutes six minutes off the clock clock. Now you're down eleven now you have to pass so I get a lot of the crying for for Doug Peterson to to utilize mile sanders. More on the run but aside for maybe a couple couple of a first down play here and there I don't see exactly where you run mile sanders more in the second. Half of that game. They ran mile sanders where they ran into problems was on these thirteen in short plays where they tried to do too much and it got away from him in a bad sack by Carson. Wentz took points off the board. A drop by Zach Ertz took a touchdown and took points off the the board so yeah I think they could be using mile sanders a little bit more. But I don't think it's agreed on what they're doing with Mile Sanders rushing the football. I The game script on on Sunday. I can't point to a lot of what what Doug Peterson. Did wrong with playcalling. Yesterday on Sunday went Peterson had a better day. Wentz had a better day. But there's still something a little bit off there and got to get going but thirty one points. You should be able to win with thirty one points. This was on the defense. But let's face it. The offense is probably going to be a problem next week and the defense will probably shut team down. That's what bad teams do. Offense is. Great Defense Stinks. The defense is Great. The offense stinks both play well in the special teams will give up two touchdowns downsides just the way things go all right number two snap counts. Let's look at the snap counts from Sunday. Some interesting things from the snap counts. Jr whiteside was talked up this week as the starting outside wide receiver. The said he was going to get more chances. And Yeah I guess he did get a little bit more playing time. He was on the field for thirty eight percent of the offensive snaps. Compare that to Greg Ward. Who is on the practice squad? Ten days ago got two more snaps and played forty one percent of the snaps three percent more than our big awaits the guy who drafted in the second round and by the way ward who again played well against Seattle but shouldn't by no means be thought of as a big piece to this offense one catch for five yards on three targets targets on Sunday with the story with the cornerbacks getting absolutely eviscerated. Sidney Jones there are two thousand seventeen second round pick was inactive for this this game a healthy scratch and their third round pick in two thousand seventeen Russell. Douglas played special teams. Only talk about a poor allocation of your draft picks there the Eagles Eagles gave up a two thousand twenty. One fourth round. Pick for Gerard. Avery at the trade deadline remember that in his four games with the eagles. He's played three snaps ten snaps to snaps and five snaps. It's on Sunday. Not exactly getting your money's worth for that fourth round. Pick in two thousand twenty one but that kind of fits the trend apparently going out and getting players and then having his coaches either not use them at all in the case of Eljay Fort. Misuse them in the case of ZAC Brown or have trouble incorporating them into the offense like golden tape all right last thing. You're for you before we get to the podium. Stop calling going for the tank. If you're out there and your listener to this podcast to any of the bleeding green nation podcasts. I would encourage you to stop calling for the tank. I know the Eagles as have the number twelve. Pick in the draft right now if they lose a bunch of games here at the end of the season if they totally tank out yeah they could really improve their draft position. That could probably will definitely get inside the top ten. Maybe maybe inside the top seven and it's fair to note. The Eagles are fifteen and fifteen cents winning the Super Bowl team. Ain't going to the Super Bowl even if they make the playoffs and win the division..

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