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Tell take my stomach kill me. I don't WanNa do this tonight. Your girl it's like rushing the big fag and then she went home and I went back to clean out my pants on. I'd say please just not not not this way Jen. I'm not that kind of guy. Can you guys agree with this. We're very deep progressive or all woke. We understand the have now and they're gonNa make it mandatory in many California restaurants and and public places lactation centers nursing. You're going to have a little photo map for the for the curtain. All right can we have a farting center. We have the place where we just excuse ourselves. We don't WanNa do it at the table. We don't want to go destroy the math Rome. Where's dad this is happening? This is a health crisis I need to go in here and just just get empty that tank humpback and enjoy my meal because you go on that date but you're sitting in the car with the person you're sitting at the table with the person she just sitting in a quiet movie theater with the person. Can't you're back in the car now. You're on there so fun. You're candlelight. Now there's no place too far no so you can have an hour's a nerve gas Thai food that car that isn't longest tomorrow a man will ever let absolutely that. Is the at the airport. You go in there. It's very dynamic too. Far travels to vantage just like they have the terrarium. I mean the air comes up from the bottom up top. Yeah displays or I love the smoking terrarium at LAX. Glass is look at all the losers act. You know my only the only thing I want with the smoking terrarium is some kind of zookeeper in Khakis and desert boots with a piss. Ellett like walk around Kane Tavern emptying ashtrays pointing at Ashby de that Ashtray astray goals smoker. Like when you when you go to the La Zoo and if sometimes when you go to the Reptile pavilion you'll see the person they're they're feeding the smokers you know. Everyone's got their face against the glass. Here's some crickets. Don't glass foyer. Foia scares them. That some of these guys smoke at unfiltered. Be careful if we just had a farting just guarding Kurt. Move when people you know. Somebody's in there. Would it be almost like a glory hole where you just kind of back into it real. Yeah like you sit down on a urinal yeah no not a urine on you. Sit and that's your back into a hole in the wall. Yes England near the four guys around the Post and go pee. Yeah Yeah. Let's talk in their post. I I WANNA hear your nephew thirty nine twenty six and I'll tell you what. How old is he? He's thirty nine. He's just had a baby the baby on the way he said. I'm going to call child. Protective Services is this is a twenty six twenty six center yesterday. Sent me this one. He wants me to compete. I said I don't go more enforce I I gotta you know you know you know it's going to be a worthy adversary form Kennel. Kimmel's good dear. Well we just good knicks Antara Knicks enter records labels them. Let's go racehorse. Let's get words with this sound unlike chainsaw. Yeah he did he did. He does what in gone in sixty seconds ticket of name stole the car we all. Don't you names well. He's a he's a number two. What would you call? This is part of this came in yesterday. Three thirty Pacific Time. Here we go..

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