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Stories from the komo twenty four seven news center a huge fire erupted overnight in the grace harbor county community of open ville witnesses say hardware store a liquor store and possibly a house caught fire our along pine street we don't know exactly how the fire started just yet both directions of highway twelve at newton street have been the scene of a detour as a result fire broke out at a federal way auto wrecking plant this morning propane tanks were exploding when firefighters got there several cars damaged the building appears to be a total loss as no word yet what started that fire fireworks damage to renton homes this morning dave nelson skyway fire department says this happened during hundred fifty seven south east and southeast one sixty eight everybody's out into both homeowners you know they're find others within the walk take care of them will work i was going on one homeowner threw fireworks away in a recycling been thinking they were fully extinguished but they weren't and they slowly started smoldering back to life the flames spread from one home to the other last night even as firefighters were working to put out fires people where lighting fireworks nearby kumble's joe marino right along in auburn where fireworks are no longer allowed surge sam beds is among more than two dozen robert police officers assigned to fireworks and the calls get rolling in started with complaints of explosions under a bridge along the riverbank hey if you want to let off firecrackers very very goes over blows of it has to be data this charger okay the chairman responsible agreed to stop but all the way back to your girlfriend order.

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