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Described the road looking like canals. Flowing freely, cars and boats from washing away. There are reports of from tornadoes in the region right now are battling a fire in the bayou area. Officials have perfume place right now so that they can get out and sort of see what's going on. Power out really wide area at last can get nearly a half a million people in the in the both South region without power. A lot of Hurricane Ivan, which hit Practically in the same spot 16 years ago today that I think we'll be seeing similar destruction. The slowness is a problem, right? I mean, this just makes the floods worse. All the rain, and now it's moving inland, So it's not just people on the air With closer it's going to be Wayne that makes cakes and rivers rise. There's nowhere for that water to go, and it's just piling up and it's going to be an issue. I think, as this storm starts to perv around and ever so slowly through Alabama and then on into so this is going to hit the South East. Well, we appreciate you and stay safe. NPR's Debbie Elliot in Gulf Shores, Alabama, bringing us the latest on Hurricane Sally. Thanks, Toby. Welcome. A sweeping congressional inquiry has found damning evidence of failures at both Boeing and at the Federal Aviation Administration in the development and certification of the 7 37 Max,.

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