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Lot more to say, but I'm terrified of Greg Barney. If you miss the news, we'll break it all down for you subscribe for free to the tightest intake podcast for all of your hoops needs new episodes dropped Tuesdays and Fridays. Listen, subscribe to tight isn't AIDS for free on apple podcasts or wherever you get your shows? Kelly Morris Holiday sale is happening now with 25% officer like paints and supplies. If he's a Kelly more dot com Time for your KNBR half past headmen. Sports sports. Very crude with your half past headlines. Couple notes the Clippers in the Knicks. Both have trade interest in Houston, Point guard Russell Westbrook this according to the ringer, college football. We already talked about it, but L s U Alabama has been postponed and am in Tennessee also postpone Auburn, Mississippi State Airforce Wyoming. Those games are not going to play it all they've been cancelled. The MBA and the players union agreed to an amended version of the C B A for the upcoming season will be a 72 game regular season that will start December. The 22nd Free agency was going to begin Friday, November 20th and the salary caps going $109.1 million with luxury tax at $132.7 million Rocky sign next giant Derek Rodriguez today it's a minor league contract and invite spring training and, according to Sean Devaney, The Lakers have heavy interest in unrestricted free agent Serge Ibaka. Those your half past headlines now backto Tolbert, Kruger and Brooks on KNBR, 1045 and 6, ft sports leader. Yeah. Masters Week, middle of November. It's cool, though. Notably gay, Nice enoughto hang out with his four time where on the PGA Tour.

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