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Death. Some protesters have gathered to crash three opening of Ella's new civil human rights and Equity department. Protesters took aim at Mayor Garcetti in L. A city attorney, Mike Fewer. Garcetti spoke to reporters after the event. Civil rights work is not just about what we say. It's really about what we do. So there are some who might yelling and then there's others that are going to be doing and I invite everybody to part of that. The city's new department will investigate discrimination complaints and enforce L, a civil and human rights laws. Blake Trolley KFT News. We have a crash on the 2 10 in Upland. This one's involving a motorcyclist is on the eastbound side. Before campus. The carpooling is blocked, and the laser backing up away from town Avenue sent out the Hollyweird with Michael Brian K F Eye in the Sky. Sponsored by injury. Attorney Superwoman super lawyer dot com. Well, oddly enough, it's not so strange on the freeway built, the city is a little different. But the South water one loading up there just about Hollywood Boulevard very typical Soling into downtown Los Angeles from there don't be outside of the one on one little tight to the downtown slide. Most of the swelling hits you about Santa Monica Boulevard and that'll be heavy up to Universal City. Some good news and commerce looks like the five South Bong just about Washington. They finally cleared that stuck vehicle for the number two lane. It is clear, but it is not recovering, and it doesn't figure to do so anytime soon. The south five that's jammed up pretty much from East LA Interchange well, down towards Downey before, at least is up a little before the 6565 South Bend the brakes there from road most of the way through the five and the northwest side of the 6515 much of the way through whether you're as well Ejected an accident visit Superwoman super lawyer dot com Bike O'Brien KF Eye in the sky Garden Grove on the 22 eastbound delays from Beach Boulevard all the way to the five k F eye in the sky helps get you there faster. I mean, Joe Martinez this hour of CFI is brought to you by Son Lux, your best value in solar for all your energy needs son lux dot com Getting a little cooler will tell you one next.

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