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Obviously take that seriously Danny did you mention the oath of enlistment the static didn't have a time frame it doesn't expire so I still feel that same responsibility to this country and to American veterans well that's one of the reasons why people you like you and I are friends I think hi am why there's a lot more a lack of in legion I recently transferred my legion membership to a new post in the grand rapids area post one one one one its founding commander Jenna Wilmers is featured in this month's American Legion magazine because of the virus we haven't even had our first meeting face to face but were active I'm in my late seventies and I've been called to be sure I'm all right that kind of taking care of people is something that well is that typical in the legion today well Danny that's a great place to start the American Legion is using a process we call the body check and if you're familiar with anything military you heard about battle buddies but the body check program is just a continuation of that battle buddy thing just it's taken on you comrades is check in on your buddies to make sure they are all right and we boast and and legionnaires across the country are actively participating in this body check phone call and it's a way to follow up and verify the fact that people are okay is there anything we can do is there any way we can help and none of those but he ticks I'll have they've continued to grow and and a lot of participation doing that and some of those projects have even developed into what we call an enhanced but he checked and that enhance body check gives people the opportunity look big in major trash cans carried back from the car can we make a trip to the market can we make a trip to a local drug store and pick up a prescription but it's a way to to verify that those veterans and it did it so it's open to anybody but it's a way to verify and make sure those literature okay and not let people know I we're still your battle buddy we still care about you still want to do to be okay and let us know if there's anything we can do but that muddy check is it working extremely well we have had a great success across the country well obviously in the past twenty or thirty years I don't remember this ever happening but there was never any reason to have my only concern is that because I'm pushing seventy nine they won't let me go out to the store for somebody else they just want to go to the store for me and that's your hurt my ego bill how do I change well baby beds unfortunately as as we as we do a little bit older people tend to look after us a little more about the same way I my wife tries to keep million but I like to go out and and provide help to Mississippi for a day well I feel the same way this is colonel Danny Gilman frontlines of freedom we're talking with the American Legion national commander bill Oxford bill is this battle body concept something new I don't remember it happening before but then again there really wasn't a big need any kind of a neat really before is this something that should just come to life in the legion or is it been there all the time or how's that happen well it's it's a relatively new concept that the brit Rustad who is the national commander for American Legion last year developed this program and it was his idea his concept his his baby but since I was elected we strive to continue just to make sure that people are okay but since this coronaviruses like has come up it's given us a good opportunity to make sure everybody understands whose and legion is what we do and know that we care about our veterans and and our communities well we do want to do that can I take it because it's logical that the the battle buddy concept is within the legion is there also a move higher match there is an individual legions to go beyond that to just out into the community or because I suspect the legion is primarily take care of the legion first that's a a good concept we could take care of America first for ridicule of the world but you just have a vision of going out into the community leaders going out of the community well today we were not limited to anybody and we're not limited it to just veterans but as we as we think about the the buddy check program across the country the and they are legion post across the country but doing the battle buddy checks to the buddy check calls but there are legion post also entered a reaching out to their communities with blood drives with a drive through restaurant with the the other things with good collecting extra class for the the veterans and the elderly members of their community so we have we have encouraged our our legion post and legion air's to reach out and make sure the community knows who we are they were available and that we want to help and do our part so it's not limited but we were trying to take care of our veterans first and that's very reasonable I took care of my family first so there's nothing wrong with that as long as you got the ability to go further and like you I'm out of my community more than maybe I could be with a letter and I'm very healthy and other stuff needs to be done out there so I guess each person got to make that judgment for themselves that we can't be foolish absolutely we gotta make sure we were okay before we can help somebody else indeed very well put bills what final thought would you like to share with our listeners today as as our nation continues to face this national crisis even more well it is a it is a a national emergency on this plant them because has called the great harm to the country that will be okay it's a it's a difficult time in in America's history but as we as we continue to develop and create the process is to get to it one week when we get through will be strong will be better because of it but I would I would just encourages the the listeners took to be careful a practice that social distancing when you go out to make sure and and wash your hands when you get back take care and listen to your local authorities as as they have recommendations for a group sizes make sure that you stay in as much as possible but I would just encourage everybody to follow your local regulation from your local and state governments the center for disease control and the World Health Organization we need to make sure we're okay before we can be able to help but you never know Ford will we will come out of it and will be better because of it bill very well said thank you commander offer flick in time to join us today thank you for.

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