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This episode includes discussions of sexual situations that some people may find offensive we advise extreme caution for children under the age of thirteen. Dean stood on the shore of the reservoir studying the rhythm of the dimpled water as a way of Smet, the rocky beach. It was a windy day. But a few feet from the shore, the lake was still enough to be clear he watched closely for any carp moving beneath the surface dean baited his hook. He was going to catch something big today. He could feel it. A twenty Pounder easy with an experienced flick of his wrist dean Casta line, sending it far out into the lake then something in the water caught his eye movement under the surface. Official ready. Dean took a few steps forward to get a better. Look puzzled. It was too small to be carp. The NextWave pushed the unidentified fish closer to him it stopped at the shore bobbing against the rock. Fox, then he realized it wasn't any kind of fish at all floating in the water was a woman's severed foot. Hi, I'm Lena Hobbs. And this is our new podcast crimes of passion on the podcast network in the legal definition. A crime of passion is a murder that occurs in the throes of extreme emotion, leaving no time to reflect on the consequences. But in this show, we explore passionate crimes. Al does a marriage progress from husband and wife to killer and victim or killer and co-conspirator if there's a thin line between love and hate what manipulates our relationships into deadly results last week. We explored how a threesome developed between herald, and INA Nokes and the much younger K Hine. When k called off the arrangement herald became violent this week. We're looking at the action the notes is took against K the subsequent investigation and the consequences at far. Cast. We are grateful for you our listeners you allow us to do what we love. Let us know how we are doing reach out on Facebook and Instagram at podcast and Twitter at park cast network. And if you enjoy today's episode the best way to help is to leave a five star review wherever you are listening. Ed really does help us. We also now have merchandise. Head depar- cast dot com slash merch. For more information. In March of nineteen Seventy-three after a nine month. Menage-a-trois thirty year old k Hoyt Hein ended her relationship with forty-five-year-old herald Nokes and his wife forty three year old enough. Came wanted herald to divorce INA and start a new life with her exclusively. But he refused as a result. K broke off the tryst. She started sleeping with a handful of other men and their small town of mccook Nebraska, making herald jealous he retaliated with a few acts of vandalism against her including poisoning, her line pouring sugar in her gas tank, and graffiti and obscene messages about her and the new men in her life. There rift escalated to a physical confrontation and late June of nineteen Seventy-three ENA tricked k into coming to their house by feigning an injury. It was a last ditch effort by herald to try to rekindle the relationship when he begged Kate to sleep with him. She fled the house herald chased after but fell off the porch ledge landing on his shoulder. Severely injuring it the full rendered his right arm. Practically useless for several months after this terrifying. Encounter K cut off all contact. With a note says this only intensified heralds angst over losing her. On september. Twenty third nineteen Seventy-three almost six months after the affair ended the situation between K and the Nokes is came to a head. Herald discovered that K told her parents he was trying to blackmail her. The accusation didn't sit well with him. He wanted to speak with Wilma and Edwin white directly about the relationship with k and clear up some misconceptions the white spent Sunday the twenty third with family I at church and then at their home for an early him supper they were joined by k her two daughters case sister, Donna Donna's husband and their four children. The Hoyts just returned from a long vacation and their family was excited to hear the details while they ate around four pm, the children and grandchildren went home. The Nokes is found only Edwin and Wilma when they came to the farm that night. What follows are the events of September twenty third according to herald Nokes testimony as a note some hearts of Harold statement, feel implausible and contradictory to the physical evidence. But for now, we will go off his version of events as this is what is reflected in the official court record. Heralded Nina went out to eat the evening of the twenty third afterward. They drove to Culbertson a town fifteen miles over to see heralds parents. However, his parents weren't home that night. So instead, they went to the white farm. Also in Culbertson to pay case parents visit and clear the air. It's unclear why the Hoyts approval was so important to herald or why he thought it would help him and his continued pursuit of K though Kay in her parents were close they didn't have any influence over the men. She was seeing in the months prior to this late night. Visit herald had been obsessed with convincing K to return to the affair just to note before we continue. I am not a licensed psychiatrist or psychologist, but I have done a lot of research for the show. According to psychologists, Suzanne lack men this type of bargaining after a break-up is calm. When many people will promise anything to regain the relationship and make the pain of the break-up go away lack states that at this stage in the grieving process. Your capacity for reason and judgement are significantly impaired.

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