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On knbr sports leader what's happening thanks donors cousin national still scoreless steven strasbourg while four innings 7 strikeouts no hits we'll see you charge disater rocket up the middle but did danny murphy was position right there men an ice play so that ones scoreless and between the indians and the yankees that one's at eight eight eight eight eight by the way the the the 707 texas and said thanks to the spoiler on the usa men's'soccer little heads up before you blurred out a score next time worst sports station we're not here to not spoil things we're gonna tell you what's going on usa threenothing dominating the door two goals politic a goal there you go threenil spoiler alert he said it out of after he gets a spoiler that after oh that's right as a reminder they really you are a jerk that the dr in i mean if you're if if you're sports score don't listeners poured station then don't tell him that would listen us if you want what work we will really give you relevant information as a relevant information try and it does you know usa trying to get into the world cup it's a big thing cape by the way the uh the washington nationals in the cubs don't tell me the score man that tell you this is a guy i add zillion we did on saturday baseball issac his baseball the stimulus now i don't know that other we've had soccer other before i just i wasn't sir at a follow up on our discussion with the kevin lynch uh i think this is pretty easy the quarter words for the forty nine is best player the forest bugner these these are the ones i put down there divorce barker best nine a right so far yep zip much debate on there now much i mean he's the.

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