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Honeybees two hundred pounds of flowers or two million pounds of flowers to produce one pound of honey come on there's no way go ahead say it's not it is two million million pounds of flour divert look those that's the answer right there that can on their website sarah come on it's true i didn't even think the earth has to two million wow last one not last one second to last one which bees have stingers the males or the female males no come on if that all of them were male except the queen the female is that false i just told lincoln that you're telling me the worker bees they just call aren't they all men you're kidding some ladies yeah and the queen bee only gets her name like that because he was like bigger like it's not yeah there's a whole bunch of weird things about bees that we think we know but it's actually like you have no idea yeah i upset now i'm gonna have to read a book about probably how am i supposed to save them if i don't even know what they're all about true i truly believe that all the worker bees are drones or whatever they call them where boys and then that one lady was like fucking all them not true jeez well that's a relief for her then because i was really hold on a minute hold on and also ehre this just in you know almost nothing about these and everything you do know is wrong not you all of you sorry it says when i look up facts that the average worker bee produces only about a twelve teaspoon how honey in her lifetime so i also think that all those worker bees are all female we have not been getting enough credit oh don't even get me started we're already oh gosh the female bees should definitely be wearing shirts with feminist angry fists on feminine women right that's okay so a colony of bees consist of twenty thousand sixty thousand honeybees honeybees and one queen worker honeybees are all female and live for about six weeks and do all the work well what the hell are.

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