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Don't use your nails your fingers, and that's the only way you can do unless you have someone do it for you. But but then what do you do afterwards? Then you find a good spot treatment and put that on like clean it on you like it depends on the type of acne spots. So if it's one of those Whitehead's, I do like, the Malan and gets sulfur spot treatment anything was sulfur in it, the is Kate something. No, Mario Badescu has a good sulfur one. I know that one where you dip because it's too layer, exactly. Jay, my mom used to have though. Probably not the Mario. But yeah. But that's how the and gets one is to so anything with the little sulphur is going to just suck that dry. Nice. Good to know how to get one of those. Then I mean, those are cruelty free brands so very fun for that. Okay. This question's from Christie. What's the best type of vitamin c water base? Oil base are over the counter. See SAM's any good do they work? They do I love item and see in the morning before or after your sunscreen K, so it like boosts, your sunscreen potential and it protects you from free radicals like pollution and things like that. And it brightens your skin. So couple of my favorites are not to be biased. Just because physicial has it. But it's the physial easy. See, Sarah, the reason I love is because it's very light. And it doesn't feel heavy and then the skin suit ical 's see Rula is really great drunk elephant has a good one. As well. And then I s clinical has some good ones. So it really doesn't matter if it's oil-based or water base. It's about what the ingredients are. So the most potent form of item in C is going to be a c with an e and for like acid, so that's the most stable potent type. So you're looking for those three ingredients and the ones you just mentioned. That's what they have exactly that drunk off one. I just hear it Sutphin tastic. It's a little bit heavier than the other two I found because of compared a lot of them. So if you're looking for something, more moisturizing, go ahead and get drunk elephant one. If you want something really light if you're like me and your acne prone than the easy see from facilities. Great and you can use this while pregnant. Yeah. Okay. That's a question coming up. So I won't you up ahead. But it's a question about when you're part of what you can't do and you're pregnant. Yeah. Person in here with us. So weird excited though. But he or she is only fourteen weeks old. Baby, baby. Yeah. This questions from Lisa. We've kind of talked about this on the first half of the interview to retinoid or not to retinoids. That is my question. I have I have a prescription from my Derm. But I heard recently that thins your skin is it worth it. You're saying Yaas queens one hundred because actually just the opposite thickens your skin, it's stimulates collagen. And so it's thickening your skin. I don't know where that myth of rumor came. I've heard that too knowing. Yeah. Okay. Good. Not true. I need to get one. I'm like a shame that I know Scott. I don't have a retinoids reg while you know, we're going to have to look into like cruelty free ones because they know that you're into that. So yeah, we'll have to look into that. But yeah, definitely retinoids for everybody unless you're pregnant don't do it retin-a and Ryan Lloyd said there. Okay. So annoyed is the umbrella term for all types of retin-a. And also in order, it goes red, and all is the weakest that's what you get over the counter. And then it goes up to aldehydes, which you can also get over the counter, but it's hard to find a stable form. And then it goes up to adapt lean is of re annoyed which is different which nyc. Okay, y'all counter, which is cool. And then it goes up to an A, which is no. And that is like the OG remembered seeing the commercials in high school. Yeah, it's still around. It's a great thing. But not..

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