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21 degrees in Boston and 8 31. Good evening. I'm Dan Watkins. Here's what's happening. Massachusetts National Guard members have started to return home from Washington, D C following the inauguration of President Biden. Among the troops returning home tonight is the 182nd to the Melrose Armory. Aaron Smith is a Massachusetts National Guard member from Randolph, who was in D. C. He says it was a fairly big operation on short notice, and it came together really well. A lot of the state's went down there were able to Work with the D C National Guard and the Capitol police. I really come together, make everything work out. Well, the operation came up without a hitch. No major incidents is on our end, and the message is National Guard was really happy to Be part of it to be able go down there and to support the Capitol Police and the D. C National Guard and governor. Baker sent 500 troops to the capital ahead of the inauguration, and New Hampshire governor Chris Sununu ordered the immediate return of that state's National Guard troops Friday morning following a report that service members were told to rest in a D. C parking garage. Let's get back to send the stump. Oh is tough as nails. I'm Dan Walk ins WBZ Boston's news radio song Full of Broking. Hi and Welcome Back to top sales on WBZ. NewsRadio. 10 30. I'm Cindy and I'm here with Sammy. I'm here with Shane. I mean with Ryan. Okay. Ryan, teach my daughter over here. Okay? Wake up. You just made a remark. We went off to Coke commercial. I want my buds of my year. So people know that. Well, I know what I'm saying is, if I if I'm on the phone with somebody into the captain's to me, at least, that person knows. To find me if I do. Okay, there goes that Instagram. Will you say? I was saying that you still gotta be cognizant of your surroundings? I know you said it's too late. It's too late. Listen, if anyone's stupid enough to kidnap me being your daughter, they're stupid. That's true. Maybe that's why I'm not scared because you're my mom. But you have to be scared. You have to work. You have to be weird. In your generation's not a weird. Don't get it. What's wrong with a little branch heads? You don't want people to fear. You want people to be aware, right? You want to be aware of your surroundings? I don't think it's like push fear on people. I think it's like a different type of feeling because most of you guys caught us because why well, coddled us Sometimes it does happen. Some people like all I don't want to let my baby out well. You know, your baby's gonna This is coming from the mom that gave me tea rules. Every time I got a lot to stop call this call that I could have died like six times during that whole thing. What That was for Take attention to calling you to let you know I'm alive. You got the Charlie for the first time. I need to know you're okay. How could you write? So basically, she's right. We waste our Children differently than the way we were raised. We would that to go and do our thing and Come by for supper. Come back by dinner. Exactly. E don't think my parents are worried about us. Getting times is different to her. My dad. We're both following me around and one lost me That one found me And I'm going to CVS for like mascara for her. I never actually did anything wrong. I was I was just a little bit like Walter and you lost her. I have her. No, literally. I would oh, falter when I like I said, would fall. Make sure she's doing everything she's supposed to be doing that sends me to places so she can find. No, I only said it because I washed you. But the crazy part is I've been following her. I lose her my access when we just get separated. He's following me. He goes. Oh, you lost your Eiko. What do you mean? I lost her. And how do you know I lost it? I don't know. I'm following her easy because I'm following you. Okay? You could make this I obviously not you and the guy buys me drinks at the bar. And also I was like good job, guys. Yeah, that was a goal. Right? See, hire P. I and he's sitting on my daughter's So yes, but no, but he was too professionalism. Go, Diego and and there it is, You know, And then she tells us later. He was buying the drinks, right? Okay. But we're in a crazy world right now. We have so much going on and with overthinking everything. We have a normal stresses of worrying about our kids and our husbands, our wives and area just the normal stress of life. And then you add, and you're adding all these layers of everything else that's going on in this crazy Crazy world we're living in right now. It's getting crazier. Tell me what's really It's getting crazier, glad between everything with riots and everyone being in fear for themselves. What's going on? If they're gonna be taken away arms, so they're gonna be Protecting arms. We just don't know what's gonna happen. Just known is really Okay, So even if they take it away, we're living in a world where cops are scared. How we spoke to not be scared. Try taking away honestly, be a civil war. In my opinion, That's my opinion. We're going down a very dark place. Okay. Exact place. Everything..

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