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Episode Number Six hundred fifty three five money-making activities of being I. You're listening to the official. Vni podcast with being a founder and chief visionary officer Dr Ivan Meisner Stay Tuned for networking and referral marketing tips. From the man who's been called the father of modern networking along with suggestions and insights into getting the most from your membership in the world's largest networking organization being hello everybody and welcome back to the official BNI podcast. I'm Priscilla Rice and I'm coming to you from folk recording studio in Berkeley California and I'm joined on the phone today by the founder and that she visionary officer. Bni Dr Ivan Meisner. Hello Ivan. How are you today? I am doing fantastic persona. Thank you so much I have another guest this week. Mark Applebaum. Mark is a friend and has been a member for fifteen years. He's director for over five years He's with engage wellness. He really has a passion for connecting people. Marks married to his amazing wife. Tiffany FOR NINETEEN YEARS. They have to great kits. Orion and Jenna and as director for MARK LOVES TEACH MEMBERS HOW TO GIVE VISITORS A. Wow Wow experience I love that. Mark Awhile experience today we're GonNa talk about the five money-making activities of being is so first of all mark. Welcome to podcast. Thank you. Thanks for having me back. It's my pleasure. How many times isn't spend now is the second third. This is the fourth four four time I need to keep better count must have great content but I keep bringing back. Well it's a matter and that's a true statement because I get a lot of requests in I don't take every request and I don't take every second or third requests so you've got really good content and I appreciate it. Thank you.

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