Doctor Halpern, Heroin, ABC discussed on Afternoon News with Tom Glasgow and Elisa Jaffe


Brewing in American forests ABC news correspondent Pete combs reports the government wants less interference from environmentalists when it decides when and where to cut down trees on thousands of acres of woodland agriculture secretary Sonny Perdue says the process of managing forests here in Georgia and around the country is just too cumbersome so the Forest Service wants to change the rules so that it doesn't have to get public comment on decisions involving less than six and a half square miles environmental battle since the late sixties principles Williams founder of the to to go Conservancy everything we fought for for the last forty years has been torn down right before our very eyes combs ABC news Santa a man robbed a bank in effort last month because he wanted to go back to prison the daily Herald says forty six year old James Cole have junior called police to surrender a few hours after he robbed the bank July twenty third police sickle have told them he robbed it because he was growing tired of life on the street an expert on the nation's opioid crisis says the problem is nothing new it's been around for all of human existence and he spoke about it with commas Greg Herschel's psychiatrist Dr John Halpern is the former head of the Boston center for addiction treatment now is that keep the poppy fields we are no longer tethered to the plant and that is where this problem has gone into overdrive this is in two thousand six about a half million people were addicted to heroin in this country today the numbers about a million and is as most street heroin these days doesn't come from the poppy plant it's probably fentanyl and that's the point hello can be made without any need to write anything from the plan since the pharmaceutical industry definitely bears part of the blame for the epidemic along with the cheap price of the illicit drugs once they hit the street great commercial to komo news doctor Halpern has just written a book titled OPM how an ancient flower shaped and poisoned our world some apple laptops are no longer being allowed on planes the FAA announced the ban today because the batteries can overheat and catch fire this affects fifteen inch macbook pro laptops sold between two thousand fifteen to two thousand seventeen apple has already recalled the batteries in for airlines implemented the band this week a similar ban was put in place in two thousand sixteen after some batteries and Samsung's galaxy note seven phones exploded six fifty in time for your como propelling turns money update your stim chess go for rally for U. S. stocks today investors cheering the news that the White House will delay.

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