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Two runner ups would be of course brennan marino. Just such a feel. Good story and youngbleaux vitz. I think yamba lovitz. I know you know it was a good. I know it wasn't a the most exciting fight but it was a good fight. I would hope defy people look back on and look at it was a good fight With with israel Sonya and unlucky stopped a guy from becoming a division champion another another pound for pound guy. So yeah behove. It's as always. I always overlooking him. I didn't wanna overlook him this time. I definitely a strong contenders for You could definitely case ramos having had the best win. of these uc champions in the first First half but Yeah i just want with a little bit. You know the guys who finished and kind of have just slightly more spectacular performances. Yeah blow which was actually my number to believe it or not in ghana was number. Three and number four is the gentleman that has already won two awards in my eyes. So i will leave that until later on so Let us head to the female fighter of the year. And i know she's only had one fight and i know it only lasted a minute. Eighteen seconds but she regained the straw way tile again. Sean way lee in emphatic fashion. You know the the bill to that everything in the corner while she's getting introduced by bruce buffer on the best of the best of the best to me at this moment in twenty twenty one. The female fighter of the year is rose. Not muniz aka. What say you. I'm going to sound like so. This is only a hypocrite here. Because now i'm going away from sort of what was the cool narrative i agree. The nama genus story has a bunch of had a bunch of cool narrative hooks gr- amazing finish against An unbeaten champion. So i mean that's pretty shocking. Really was unbeaten right or she had one loss She had one loss loss. Someone on insane insane win streak So that that was all there. But i'm still. I cannot go away from Arguably the pound for pound best female in the world maybe number two at worst valentina shevchenko because there there was this whole thing about jessica on-drives was going to be the serious threat to her she just just dominate her. Just smoked her. And it's just such a joy Watching valentina every time. I know there's been some a couple of intel defense and they're not her fault not her fault what's supposed to do So yeah for me. The continued dominance of shevchenko makes her made her mind. My pick for the first half but a judas would have been my my runner up number. Yeah that's those are one. A and one b. I think in everybody's minds right now. I do feel strongly also about Liz karmashe i think she's opt to an amazing start in baltimore has really cemented herself as the as the number one contender some would say. The number one flyweight period. Obviously she has to fight Juliana velasquez now. But i know. I know that some of us in our in our uninviting think she's kinda already the number one one twenty five or so we'll see we'll get to prove it and carlos borja thought that went over yon- shown on very important I know she. She was not a heavy favor on that flight by any stretch. I don't. I'm picking here for sure but yawn shonen Again crazy crazy streak success and just handled just handle bus bars so some good some good candidates i would agree with that Let us head to the fight of the year thus far aka because now things get a little more interesting because there are certainly a lot of different great fights to choose from. There's been some frequent barn burners across the landscape over the the first six months of action. What is your fight of the year. Thus far this fight normally a lot of people like see by the years either going like the last round or go the distance. But i'm gonna go with charles oliveira michael chandler. I love this fight so much. It was a barely over around of action but it was just so frigging exciting. It was like chandler was just you know he's hurting oliveira in the first round he. He almost looked like he was gonna finish them. And we just had this. Moment of Charles oliveira he gets hit he gets. He's he's chinni here we go again. He's he's won all these fights just to get knocked out by a guy who's in his second. Ufc fight and just take all his shine and he battled back. You proved everyone wrong. He's he's he proved that he could battle backman versity and amazing amazing. Win in the second round. and for me I just think he's the best lightweight in the world. That's that's certainly debatable. Very very debatable. But i thought That win and his other has other. Victories is piled up. And i'm. I'm just so big on no bronx. So that was that was number one for me. Yeah like i said before there have been some doozy's runners up for me. Mike davis versus mason jones santiago ponds be over miguel beza paul daley versus saba hamasi. And then my number two. Obviously even with the rounds you know in in the change of michael chandler versus charles oliveira like hot the comeback and everything that that was in the running but to me. It's got to be one that lasted just a little bit longer than that. Fight the near two rounds of a great a hundred percent guaranteed insanity of a fight between jerry. Hash dominic reyes fight was so insane so wild. The ending was one of the craziest endings. I've ever seen. The whole fight was ridiculous So to me thus far the fight of the year. And i think it's gonna take something really special to beat it perhaps versus raise the amount of ufc vegas twenty-five in may of two thousand twenty one with the way you're describing it. I thought you were teeing up Paul daley abajo mossy from belt or to fifty seven april sixteen which was just a completely insane fight I think a lot of people will have that as well piling their top three..

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