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My first game was which Spencer Ross, that's Ma didn't even make my first game. It was a pre season game up in Boston. It was a pre season game of that, and I did it with Spencer. Really expensive Ross and I remember that game. Ah, then, of course, I don't remember opening. First I remember the first year because, you know, I don't know if I was gonna have a job to second year or even 1/3 year at that time was nearly contracts only, and then they finally started getting your three year contracts. But that's what I remember. Most was right. I remember the bus ride home. After they lost to Philadelphia and say no, I wouldn't have this job next year. So that's basically it. You know, as faras. That's the way I felt not sure if I was going to be back. Ah, and it was. It was really exciting toe be involved. You know, it's funny things like I was when I was a practice goaltender. I ended up playing with all the guys that I was a fan for so many years. That was another intimidation factor going in with Andy Bathgate and every howl and the cat field and all of them. And going on the ice with them. And Dick Duff was. Ah had a lot of great a lot of guys. She'll have the team picture from that year. A lot of fun. And then I always remember the first year that the first game I remember I did it with the word Spencer Ross. You weren't even around you. Your record isn't up in the boot. Right? That's exactly right. I was you. I was all right. 12 in this way they don't do the math doesn't work Does the age well plays the age of even I think he's even given up on that. Now. Too many Ono between the Internet there's just too many fact checks available. I don't know. I don't know He's older than be a younger than me, but I won't Little suspicions about Bob's age. Ah, early on the first, I guess. Let me see for about Beth about your third year with the Rangers. It seemed as though the world turned upside down when Emile Francis made the trade for Philip Zito on DH Carol Vadnais. I know you little West and I assume you were on the trip by was that go down as far as you finding out I got a call from on treatment. The treatment worked an arranger office for so many years on the dot, right? He called me up and Ah, hey told me about the trade. I should. Wow, I don't know about that one talking Rotella and any one of the biggest thing I mean about that train will go in Oakland for the next game. Ah and I get to the rink early, And here comes Esposito. He had even met the team yet. And I met him as he's coming into the arena, and I'm coming into the arena myself. And that's where I met him at the Rangers lost 61 I know him a little bit of you know, but not really as much as you know, I met him. I think I did. I interviewed him once. And that's about it. And that's what I remember about that trade. Which, when you think about it, that that was the only bad trade evil of a mate, he made such great trays. But that was in my opinion anyway, that I think back to immigration. Yeah, it was that one was absolutely But It was done. We talked about the bed. The other one's the Rick Middleton trade, but he wasn't involved. No, that was pretty Yes, that was first was that Turkey? Yeah, I don't know. Maybe if maybe you've heard this differently, I don't know. But over the years there's been this story. And maybe it is an urban legend that Bill Jennings, who was the president of the Rangers at the time, was convinced That Middleton was going down the wrong path, and he basically basically gave John Ferguson about 24 hours to get him out of town. And this is during the off season in the summer, and I guess Espo got into Fergie's here about Kenny Ha Jin. That's how that trade went down if I've heard it, right. Yeah, I heard similar rumors. I don't know if they were true or not, but I wouldn't be surprised. And of course, Esposito would want Hodge. Uh, Middleton was well, I guess that he played to the end of the Rangers or just one that you wanted to You know, 75 years. So is two years two years years. And I heard the same rumor, General Yeah, Everybody said that the savory middle to his life, But I don't want to. That's only room of stuff. You know, That's what you're saying. But, uh, who knows? It was great. It was Rick Middleton was a great guy. What a great player, too. So, look, we've only got a minute. We've only got a minute or so left here, but I know that you still watch hockey watch every Rangers game and you're still pretty in tune with what's going on in the National Hockey League. So when you watch a game today Can you compare it with anything close to what the game was. Even when we were working together 25 years ago. It seems like a different sport Now, almost it so fast. Oh, it certainly is. But you know, I look at the 94 game. Those guys are great, though there's a great hockey player. Right now. I don't know the skill Still, if the skill is here, the speed is here. Uh, so many great hockey players now compared to what compared to the Bears, but I mean, you can't You can't compare it to the game in the sixties. I remember playing and rings with no glass on the side. Just think of that coal Macarena. Ah, there wasn't any grass in the first row, You said in the first row and same thing up in Clinton, New York on the side, you said in the restaurant Even I know that probably was in the forties and early fifties, but there was no there was glass on the side. Just think of that. Andi sitting in the clear, basically, yeah, That's right. We won first roll like a baseball game before they put up the netting along. Ah, but it was ah, so you can see they weren't there weren't that many slap shots. Then they started putting up with glass along the sides. Aah! And they just kept growing and growing. And now with, you know, very it's also he has a different game. The speed is there. The talent is unbelievable. And look whether you're getting talent from all over the world. And all over the United States What he had always about 20 between 25 30% of the players are American. That's phenomenal. You know, always. I always look at that s O Tio. You go back to 1963 19. There was no talk about American plate of those guys in 1980 the miracle on ice a they they They did everything for the U. S occupation program by winning that game. That mint meant so much. Showed that these college kids could play on DH. They certainly they proved it when I went to the national arguably so anyway. It was fun. Great time. And you know what I think back on the years we worked together, and I don't think it's possible to have more fun broadcast it. On I did as well. But this was great. This is great reminiscing. And thanks for having me on down the road. Alright, Halo, That'll stay well, yes. Say hello to that old guy when you talk to him later. Okay, But I think we can factcheck that you might be in for a surprise. All right, take a you got a couple of years on him. All right. So talk soon. Take care. Thanks. Okay, that is one legend. Hockey Hall of Famer winner of the Coveted Foster Hewitt Award broadcasting excellence in the National Hockey League and my good friend and former partner, Sal Messina. We're going to take a break, and when we come back, we'll talk to not only another good friend, but a guy who When I was a kid was simply my idol became my mentor. And I'm proud to call a friend now and really one of the iconic broadcasters, Certainly in all of sports, but in particular in New York, and that is Marv Albert. How heroes with you until one As we commemorate the FAA ends 33rd anniversary..

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