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You could do. Busy has done and go. Amp dot freetalklive dot com. That's amp amp dot freetalklive dot com and support freetalklive. I have now verified. Completely and is true as i can possibly make the statement. The program is completely safe. Yes the federal bureau of investigations and a joint thug task force came to the free talk live studios but they did not mess with the program. So you can go and amp at amp dot freetalklive dot com safely and comfortably. It's amp dot freetalklive dot com. As is he has done. Thank you and also scott who is a gold amplifier. A missed mentioning scott on thursday night. So there you go. Thank you scott. One of the strangest things. I've heard in the news is now you have to either get the covid vaccine or die and fiery lava jab or magma your choice magma so the article Sort of quotes a An abc article here saying caribbean saint. Vincent island volcano erupts after sixteen thousand people evacuated An explosive eruption of the lawsuit freyre volcano in the caribbean has rocked. The island of saint vincent following mandatory evacuation orders from local government more than sixteen thousand residents have been evacuated as volcanic activity increased ahead of the eruption which took place on friday morning. Local time evacuees have been given temporary homes on cruise ships and in safe parts of the island. Evacuees told to get vaccinated. The new eruption followed mandatory evacuation orders issued on thursday for people who live near the volcano. So day. before this thing erupts. Yeah is when these mandatory vaccinations Orders out yeah. It's it's like they're like. Hey if we have all these people in the boat we can have a covert outbreak in with. Somebody would be responsible and it. i don't know what. yeah i mean. This is talking about putting the heart the cart before the horse to the heart before. The course this This article See here clearly. They're not putting their heart before anything in this this article from what's up with that Wats says i don't blame the rescuers. They are doing the right thing putting their very expensive ships in danger to rescue people. Volcanic ash could easily cause millions of dollars worth of damage just by landing on the ships or by getting sucked into their engine air intakes so they deserve recognition for their courage and compassion. What i blame is the world's obsession with covid. Yeah in normal. Circumstances people are just evacuated from a deadly disaster zone. Nobody refuses anyone because they might get sick sick. People are given medical attention if required but because the world has become obsessed with a disease which kills up to one per cent of victims. There is a real possibility that people fleeing a natural disaster. We'll be told they have to stay and die unless they receive an experimental and potentially life-threatening medication. Right and who knows who. I mean you know i tend to think the vaccines are probably fine. But you shouldn't be forced into a situation like that. That's that's some weird stuff it really is. I mean under any normal circumstance like leprosy leprosy outbreaks. Don't receive this kind of scrutiny. Now we we. We don't say nope nope you're sick. You have xyz illness up that nope you've you've got the abullah we can't let you on the cruise ship out of the lava because you have this. Rabies is a far far far more dangerous illness than covert and we stopped pending each other's dogs over cove. It not rabies which we've had a long. Yeah it's just i mean. People just lost their minds. They just lost their minds. That's all and you know. I don't know how to fix it. I don't have any ideas. Let's go the phone calls here. Unscreened freetalklive what's on your mind freetalklive. Yes guys well. The boys the boys in jail or on my mind Other than that. I was gonna ask you guys if you had Come across a story on decrypt In internet website titled bitcoin is a boon for surveillance former. Cia director. mike morrell. Have you seen that yet. I have seen that story actually and bitcoin. Is you know now that it's become so popular. I don't think they ever imagined this happening In the beginning is that but now there's you know there's there's a lot of computers that are at work trying to do what they call. Forensics on the blockchain and by the blockchain they're talking about the bitcoin blockchain and trying to find out you know who's got what you know crypto and that kind of thing only a computer can figure out because don't forget when they say there's twenty one million bitcoins. the each. Bitcoin contains ten million saito. She's one hundred million. I think it's ten anyway. We'll we can argue. The number number doesn't particularly make a difference I don't know what that number of twenty-one quadrille or whatever that number is but that's a lot of units to figure out who's got what and Only computers can figure that out so yes. Bitcoin is boom for the surveillance state in many ways. And it's one of the reasons that i am. I look at does like what so and and it's definitely worth pointing out that Minero z. cash These are crypto currencies that are actually anonymous as opposed to semi suit anonymous But compared to what so the normal way of paying for things you have to have a bank account. Okay so once you've got the bank account. Okay you've got your security number. You've got your driver's license. All of that information is in there. Yeah they're far less. It's far far less transparent than say bank in the banking system as it exists. Go ahead yet. yeah They they sat in this Story quote tracking illicit. Bitcoin transaction is therefore easier than tracing illegal funds moved across borders using traditional banking transactions and far easier than trying to follow cash in the report was quoted saying that if all criminals use blockchain wipe out illicit financial activity. Well i think that should be brought up in the crypto sixes trial. You know that because what they're going to try to do is say pickering terrorists You know these sorts of things. But you're absolutely right. This is a this great article for what we got going on. So now did they say if If all transactions were in bitcoin then they could wipe out illicit transactions or if all transactions were in cryptocurrency..

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