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Still like it no soup you can it's supposed to be made as a soup well the japanese company name senate not nissan nissen who makes top rahman and couple of noodles yeah or cup noodles what they call it they had eight noise cancelling four canal by two can i take up have you make a slurping sound it makes a difference in how for example if you are a fork forks lorber this is the north you know you got chill i hate that but this all fork sound makes it's a real thing i don't know if that's more now saldivar like a horror movie mixed in here too this is what the forecast makes it's a noise canceling fork foreigner eating rahman noodles the speaker on the fork yes in look there are only one hundred thirty dollars oh come on their that but seriously they have on you can buy them right now they have five thousand in stock uh the dumbest ever her air satellite fis log lawyer eyed by i do and i do with cereal to ivanhoe inhale it easily i do that but i like the sucked out the jews before goes who was a double and then swore that's what i do very good we were supporters of the mormon half the group has to make some kind of sexual thing thank you yeah why would use tanks it it's the most hideous seve they're the most righteous one that has the deep dark devious secrets good pivot while i just know is this fear we know what you said i was like all right very good for the way you think you don't go hormone there's no way mormons think we're all different or all imperfect discussion jerry great listener i.

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