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Normally god nine thousand beijing safet so he was lovely is the coolest third serve. Here's this little. American man came around the house like he's going Like he's like this. He's okay cool. And i was like. Hey ryan Just told me like. How urgent is this line meant to be here. I think that's a good question i was like. I have no idea what's going on. Yeah you know it's it's pretty you know it's gonna as smick stuff happens so you need to get the information quickly. Like with some directness. Cool amazing and then go completely overwhelmed by the complicated camera moves they had will these these jobs in these crazy things. Just cranes cameras comes down to me than it goes up again in time. Everything and i had no idea was doing honestly i had no idea we go as for like the eight take and i was just like you re shitting me. I've got one line one day even even when it is a close up when you there are so many people running around behind the camera around. The camera on of the camera is insane Think well yeah. It was fun. it was fun. It was my first taste of a sci-fi working on sci-fi project so when when i came green screens on screens in the the wires and pretending in space battle so shooting the does this funny sequence where shoot the interior of spaceships and mike has never been never been in space flight before. So he's freaking the f out in his see klingons day life and everyone else like this nerve stalled left whatever fifty degrees and was rigged. Show in very suave. And i'm just in the back losing my shit having the best time and you're just you're working yourself you're shaking yourself. You're doing all these things to just like. Help feed your imagination. And that's the coolest thing about working on sci-fi is done right. You know your imagination just gets the run wild..

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