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Look look confused. Come on halloween so then so he said. Hey i think we should. Let's go to your place okay. So then moved in here for five months Straight seven straight months are brad's Seven yes and take got two thousand one two thousand one or certain genres of music that. Get hot and install way right. So how do you move with that. Did you move with that. You have any regrets that you may be didn't sort of conform to the new genres or evolving. I'm not saying you haven't but you know where where does where do you stand there as far as your evolution of sorts and then i started this thing oliver. I'm you know four dudes in a band playing with guitars and stuff. It was more about the shenanigans wayne's world at that time and ends in a way that the industry drinking it and the consumers too. Was that if you were like a female singer songwriter. Pretty much wasting near time like when we first started. That was an sentiment in in the world music about time so we were fighting. Headwinds was the year. What was the year that was like ninety six. You know no hoosiers began ninety six ninety seven and that was it was sorta. Yeah it was it. Major headwinds major headwinds and we've had him since you know. The the the cycle of music continues apace right. You know we see. That's sometimes it's it's cool to be iraq bannon and sometimes it's harder to sell. That looks like it's coming back around again. Thank goodness oh yeah it is. I can tell with the with the gen z. To like my son. And they're all listening like early nineties music and they all mach bands. God how do you guys deal with attias Haters in like you know the people who are always hating on you guys are the people who are you know. The social media kicks up. And how does that affect you. Had you deal with that shit you just sloughed it off and say fuck off or doing what we're doing just to get into your soul like were you at that weight. We fixate on it until we gently but answer.

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