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Air Thursdays at 7 30. PM Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Dave Mattingly For the first time since the U. S military withdrew from Afghanistan. The Taliban are allowing a commercial flight to leave the airport in Kabul. Qatar Airways flight with some Americans among the more than 200 people aboard will be heading to Doha. Charter planes at the airport in Mazari Sharif, north of the Afghan capital, are still waiting to leave. Hundreds of passengers. They're also include Americans. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin says a potential resurgence of Al Qaeda in Afghanistan is a concern now that the Taliban control the country. I think the whole community is kind of watching to see what happens and whether or not Al Qaeda Has the ability to to regenerate in Afghanistan. Austin was speaking earlier today to reporters in Kuwait City Across the border in Pakistan CIA Director William Burns met with that country's army and intelligence chiefs today. Later today, President Biden is expected to detail a broad plan designed to halt further spread of the coronavirus as the country heads into the fall and winter months. The six point proposal will include calls for wider testing and vaccine mandates in schools. First time claims for unemployment benefits in the U. S. Fell to 310,000 last week. That's the lowest number since the coronavirus pandemic began more than a year ago. This is NPR news Live from KQED News. I'm Brian White. Chevron is suing local air regulators over a new rule that would force the companies Richmond Refinery to cut pollution KQED Stead, Goldberg reports. The board that oversees the Bay Area Air Quality Management District approved a proposal in July that would require Chevron and the PBF refinery in Martinez to drastically reduce the particulate matter. Their facilities admit In its complaint filed in Contra Costa County Superior Court Tuesday, Chevron says the district overstated the public health benefits of the new rule and understated its costs. It says local air regulators ignored state law that they're rulemaking was flawed and based on faulty science. Chevron wants a judge to stop the rule from taking effect. Agency leaders. Health advocates and environmentalists say the rule is needed to protect the health of the people who live near the refineries and the air they breathe. A district representative, though, declined to comment on the lawsuit. I'm Ted Gilbert, KQED News. San Francisco and San Jose are in the top five most expensive metro areas in the country to rent single family homes. That's according to a new report from the rental listing DWells E. Its CEO Jonas Bordeaux, says that since January rent for single family homes across the Bay Area has gone up 9%. Single family rentals are outpacing apartments. Demand for single family homes is really driven by people wanting their own space. That was also a move towards places that have less density in general. So away from the San Francisco's and towards the San Jose is San Jose was fourth on the list of most expensive areas with an average monthly rent of $3450..

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