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You've earned at choose dot via dot Gove. Zip lining across a vast valley roasting smores decide the leg. Whitewater rafting, relaxing the side and ocean view full well, trying to at least there are lots of great things to dream about doing in South Carolina. So when you're ready to visit, South Carolina is ready to make those dreams a reality from a classic road trip. To relaxing weekend getaway South Carolina is open for discovery start planning today at Discover South Carolina dot com. Alright, 7 21 is our time. Yes, it is suddenly off by two hours left to Hey, you know, give or take a times when I was getting really good at telling time there for what you really were on a roll, then slipped back a little bit, But that's OK. I'm back on that horse. All right. What's happening out there from the use of help? Traffic center You see, helping science lives. Hope highway traffic in pretty good shape. This Morning not seeing any major problems right now, or delays. Crews are working with an accident on Quebec at Westwood Chucking from NewsRadio 700 wlw. Sometime today on right around 33 for your high tonight. Guess what comes back clouds? Just what's around for the weekend. We have clouds with a mix of rain and snow is going to start a snow tomorrow is going to turn to rain by Sunday morning. It's going to turn back to snow on Monday. And Then that'll be flush What's left for a while. On De Sea looking for Sunday's high 42, so it's definitely rain on Sunday. So should be fun. Meanwhile, sitting right now 22 at 700. W. Well w You 700 WLW Sports Sports starring Bill Dennison. And then do you have the New Miami News for New Miami bowling, you covered, say next swimming yesterday. Well, congratulations to rob Carpenter and his team. That's right. The coach Rob Carpenter had it done yesterday. They record number 12,800 pens or something. Unbelievable. I mean, ever his They were hit the pocket. There's smashing the school record, man. Unbelievable on stop! Congratulations is a little new Miami A little Miami. Little little Miami. Okay, congratulations. Yep. To those bowlers, what else you got? Xavier game. But Butler said for tonight been pushed back till tomorrow afternoon. S 05 o'clock right here on 700 wlw. That'll be 20 days until Xavier's played on the court tonight and K. You and you, I see a 5 30 on ESPN 15 30 right state up against Robert Morris. Baseball New York Post reports of Red's maybe in talks with the Indians in regards to a deal for shortstop Ahmad Rosario. Now that would be that happens to be the second time this postseason. He gets dealt course he was part of that Francisco indoor deal. When he went to of the Mets and H L last night Columbus Window to shoot out 3 to 2 against Florida Blue Jackets on the road tonight against the Blackhawks in Chicago. 7 30, Fox Sports 13 67 100 WLW. Have you got any news on Roger Bacon? Underwater hockey? They usually keep me posted as to what shaken have not heard anything. Maybe that that program has been paused. Well, I don't know. I don't know. Kobe is not an issue under water, Is it? Yeah, Breathed down. Never know, never know their way. It's going these days. I'm sure I'll get I'll get the news now. 700 wlw. This is the aviation report with Jay Ratliff brought to you by the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport on 700 wlw. Hi J. We have the numbers in for the year 2020. And airlines as we knew when lose a lot of money. What's the number? $34 billion for U S carriers. Yesterday we had Southwest American jet Blue. Indicate that they lost $3.5 billion collectively in the last quarter of the year. Sadly, Southwest Airlines ends their street, Mike that goes back to I don't know the Nixon administration of making a profit every single year Regardless. What was going on in that came to an end in 2020, and that were seeing American Airlines right now lose losing $30 million a day Southwest who makes money like nobody's business. They're losing 10 to $15 million. Day. And, you know it's bad with Southwest Airlines is losing money ain't no doubt about that, Uh, elsewhere. American Airlines. You have the regional. Um P ece is their regional. It grounded. A whole bunch of planes gather their entire fleet of the Bombardieri aircraft is 130. Yes, they have a nose gear door issue that they notified the FAA about, and as a result, they have grounded that entire fleet of those jets until those maintenance inspections can be done. This is creating a lot of cancelations. An American Airlines network like they needed another headache, And unfortunately right now it's gonna result in a lot of the aggravated flyers over the next couple of days. This gets resolved in these aircrafts are reinstated into the fleet, but I'll have more on this on our aviation blogged Mike sponsored is always by the Greater Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport. Now offering fares the Phoenix round trip for $64. He couldn't find that more and CVG airport dot com If you're thinking spring training, and if they're taking any people in the crowds that would be in less time to book that one, And the good news is if you don't want to go half way, Yeah, that's half of that. So you can't be that bad alone. That's a pizza. That's a piece of my going to feel. Yes, it is. All right. What do we stand? Weather wise West Coast, Los Angeles. San Francisco is going to be it. That weekend's gonna be a mess. But enjoy today Today could be is the best day of the week. We've had to find right. Thank you, sir. Enjoy your weekend to 7 26 at a time. And we have people getting busted. Most of the news is people getting busted who went into the capital back on the sixth? We do have a guy Has not been sentenced to nine years in prison for a serious of threats. One was to kill President Trump. Gary Gravel is 53 incarcerated since 2018 when he sent a threatening letter to the then president with white powder that he claimed was anthrax. According to the Justice Department. He also threatened various Mental health providers and facilities in New Haven, the U. S Probation Office. U. S District Court judge International Airport in Vermont of federal prison in Washington, occupants of a building in Old Saybrook, a credit union in Bristol, and organizations and religious centers in Connecticut. So he's fairly prolific. Obviously, the guy's got an issue of mental issue. Why is it nine years in prison and not in a mental health facility? I will say that the number of people.

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