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All right welcome back to black on the everybody. This layer one more. It's it's good to be back here. Been away for a while Well you know it's been crazy times and we've been trying to you know I've been trying to figure out how I WANNA do this. Show going forward and needed a little break. You know just to kind of gather and just kind of figure out the way four but first of all let me say. I hope everybody's doing well out there. Hope stain safe. I hope you're doing okay. There's so many issues to deal with people Losing their jobs not been able to make money out there. People losing their businesses people dealing mental health issues is a big thing right now as well as the virus itself on a personal note a friend of mine husband passed away from the from the virus and Man. It was very him very shocking. When something like that hits close to home and I'm speaking for a lot of people out there who've experienced this you know how it can seem in the abstract when you're watching it and you feel sorry for the people but when it hits home it is it is a little different you know so you know. My heart goes out to everybody dealing with this problem. Well with all of this. You know we're all dealing with it. I saw this story on the news. Nick Cordero's Who's The actor Bronwyn Star? His wife. Man. She's so fricking brave I think he's been on a ventilator and has to get his or had his leg amputated or get amputated. I'm not sure but I saw on the news. Nothing man. This woman is brave. I mean the way she her attitude is just amazing. She's handling all of that but This is we're going to be in a new normal coming up in part of dealing with this is part of the is something we're going to have to do for a while now but anyhow. I wanted to get back in the air to get back black in the air. I'm in my office again at home so it may sound a little echoey near. Bolger is for that David Chang is on our show. Today we had a really good talk a little while ago and Restauranter famous chef his Mama Fu restaurants noodle bars in Manhattan and around the world and ugly delicious. You've seen him a net flicks his milk bar to all of that stuff. So we're going to talk about the restaurant business a little bit. How he's faring. Food Service Industry and all that kind of stuff man. He really has some some interesting thoughts on that so I was really looking forward to have on the shows and those really cool conversation but Anyhow so we are in a different. We aren't interesting situation. Now we've been dealing with the virus for a while we've been in kind of a sheltering in place. For how long has it been? Maybe a month longer six weeks. It's hard to know man. I've lost all track of time. It's very bizarre. Those of my time is spent with buster with my Doug Me and my son you know. We're chasing him around most of the time. My son is staying with me and he's doing well he's he's able to take classes online and everything. My daughter's staying with her with her mom and she's about to graduate from college right now. And you know wasn't able to have her graduation all the kind of stuff but she's been dealing with the pretty good she's Just finished her her thesis. Some real proud of row proud of you. Learn so yeah. So that's what we've been doing here and I realized right now at this point. I believe that we are truly in when I will call a both sides situation. We are both in and it's funny that the both sides are kind of most. Let me say this. Most people hate both sides. The heat that type of argument. This is not about the size type of argument all lives. Don't matter we're talking about black lives matter and I get it. I get it most of the Times. That is a valid argument but we were truly any build side situation right now here the both sides we are in a situation where they primary concern is the public health right. And how do we mitigate right now has been primary concern? How do we make sure that our hospitals don't get overwhelmed? There were smart about you know. There's so many things that we don't know about this virus that were smart as we possibly can about the possible ways to transmit sheltering in place isolating and all that stuff. Different cities have been taking different approaches to it and that has been our main concern properly so but now we're getting into a phase where cities are starting to loosen the restrictions in. We're going to have to get into a new way of living and some people are just looking at it as a reopening thing but I really. Don't you know I look at it as going to have to adjust to a new normal and this is also a very important piece right now. How are we going to get things back open? So people can get hopefully back into their jobs that they've lost or maybe get into new jobs. Economy can start going again and not just the economy going again but people can have means to make a living you know and part of this is not just reopening like I said but understanding how we're going to operate within the next year year and a half under a new normal. Both of these things are true right now in. Both these things are very very important. I don't pit them against each other. They're both important arguments. But it just really gets me when I see this being pitted against each other like like when people won't say how. How can you say we have to reopen when people are going to die and the other pirates? We're GONNA die if we don't reopening going against each other. This is the most ridiculous argument. That's going on out there and part of it. I think is fueled by some of these. I think reckless Governors or people who are just recklessly reopening things without seeming to have real plans about it and I blame a lot of this on the president by the way because I think the president has been so shameless in not having a clear direction for the country. He's only been reactive childlike childish. Imbo st and all these things has not come out with real leadership and even if the plans change at least to have certain guidance and true leadership. It's been the least amount possible in terms of guidance. So you know. Some of these states have different needs as they should. But the energy around this reopening as if they're some liberal conspiracy to crash the economy to keep people out of work because liberals want everybody to be on the government Dole or whatever which is ridiculous because that system will be unsustainable if we get this the way it is it will be unsustainable to try to have the government. Take care of this. The people who are concerned about this of course are concerned about the number of people that are dying by this virus. Because there's so much we don't know about it just the way that attacks the body the way that it hides out so I blame a lot of that energy. Both on the recklessness of some of these governors but also in the recklessness of outlets like Fox News where they're the ones that start with that type of conspiracy theory that somehow the leftist media in the leftist energy out. There wants to give you false information in. Doesn't want you to know the true story like they don't want you to know about hydroxy chloroquine and all that kind of stuff which is so fucking ridiculous. I'm so fucking fed up with Fox News right now. I mean I have been for a long time. But the poison that they put in people's minds about these conspiracy theories and how people how left is unpatriotic in the working you know to to undermine American all the stuff is so ridiculous and you know I don't believe in conspiracy theories they're very few there are so my whole of you know I say okay. Something happened there and I grant you but for the most part. They're ridiculous and the way that they they poison so many people's minds about wanting to believe in these conspiracy theories about how the left wants to road America is just so poisonous and it's really I think and abetting in people dying right now. Let me put it this way with the stupid president of the United States is is a waxing about injecting disinfectants into your body as a possible solution. Something which is so ridiculous. I mean I can't think of anybody at any age. Who would think that was possible? I can't imagine a five-year-old considering that as a possibility I mean it is one of the most stupid things I've ever seen and I know a lot of people have covered this and everything. But here's the other thing is the fact that the people who were drinking all of that kool-aid might think that the president is right. And that somehow information is being kept from US. Our disinfect into our body. The way to go. I don't know we can't trust the leftist media if they're saying that the president is wrong about that and maybe he's right. This is what we're up against right now. I mean how insane is that it drives me fucking crazy. President trump basically in my mind. He has just been a global embarrassment. A global embarrassment. When you think about presidencies and you know I like looking at the histories of presidencies and all that kind of stuff you know. And how presidents Braxton certain times and usually craigslist usually tell you who the president really is you know a really reveals character and man. Here's what's interesting about trump. We didn't need. The guy says to reveal his character. We already knew it. This crisis confirm his character. The level to which this emperor is naked is astounding to me and it's not even the emperor's naked is not even true now div for trump because not only is trump naked trump turns it around in the emperor's naked. All that emperor did was. He was in a bubble letting them going into your inner but that ever he was in a bubble and no one wanted to tell him that he was actually naked. When they you know you don't saying he was wearing all these things and the kids said he's naked but trump. It's not even an innocent bubble. Trump actually turns around and accuses. Other people being naked did this is what's crazy about. He's not content to just be in a bubble and have his sync offense telling him he leads beautiful. He's got to turn it around and say that everyone else is naked. Like it to me. It feels like in the way that he projects his own corrupt ideology unto the world. As if that's how the world thinks we're actually how he thinks and how his system is built. It's almost like instinctively. His fat body like on a cellular level is trying to reject all that corrosive orangeade coursing through its ecosystem. It has to project that unto the world in order to feel safe or normal or something you know if I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt of being a corrupt as home but he's just been an embarrassment and you know and the level to which the people around him and the level to which he needs to be right about things and try to feel like he's being an expert so fucking embarrassing. It's embarrassing it's so embarrassing. In the way that he demands that the people kiss up to him in a global pandemic. You guys this is. What's insane about it? It's magnified so many times now. This type of behavior like fact that Mike Pence because trump doesn't like people wearing masks goes.

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