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My role is on a day-to-day basis so I'm okay with that. That's why I get that our and why block the time that I really need and I'm okay with every other minute of the day being eaten up with random stuff that just ABC's get taken care of. It sounds like you're saying that by your team doing their best work that is you doing your best work and yeah and and then the only way that that happens is you're blocking out the time. That's absolutely necessary for you to do stuff. That's all that only you can do and then you're blocking out the rest of the time time in a in a non blocking outweigh or maybe -pletely intentional way saying I am available to give you guidance equipped with tools tactics. Whatever you know that they are communicated to that is the case I if this is in your second career then you need to start a business where someone says something a repackage it much easier to understand? That is one of my strengths. I very well aware of that. Yes I if I was a superhero. Name would be the concise her or something like that. I love that yeah that but it sounds like that's what you're saying that that that basically you put your must your highest priority stuff I in the morning so that that's out of the way and then you're available for your team hundred percent that that that's that's the whole deal. That's why I started. Doing that is again. The only reason I figured that out just to give people some some so so that's my methodology. I'm not saying that anyone should wake up at five or whatever because some people work better at night. one of my team members heat from nine to like midnight he that's when he crushes. She's worked literally. Money does its best work and I don't get it till the morning and I'm okay with that because his best work happens from nine to midnight okay so different person. I think don't take what I do due at signing for the people listening home take what I do as what I recommend. I think it's more the construct so figure out when you do your best work I actually actually right really well first thing in the morning so I wake up a pound a big glass why I hit the can then a town a glass of water than I pour myself a big cup hubba coffee black with with cinnamon and it's the same thing every day. That's the only reason I share that it doesn't really matter and then soon as I get like two or three ships in that cup of coffee he I am like full-throttle writing and I usually do that and some sort of short form caught micro blog or whatever that I post host on linked in instagram and on my facebook page and I use buffer really cares about the tactics and and just right I usually right instagram's slang which is what like thirteen hundred characters twelve twenty years. I it doesn't matter I and then I just pushed it out to all three platforms and Bam. I've got my idea out of of me. Now that idea percolates in in the real world people respond to it or don't I get a chance to to to that I kind of worked out in my head for for the first hour on respond to emails or whatever and then ban now against my daily described. I also find that the afternoons a really good time for me right so then all throughout the morning. I'm I'm terrible like if I sat down. Write something at nine thirty a. m. the quality of writing would be pissed poor. I've just not good at that time so then around the afternoon. I get good again so so if I'm like I said to you like I'm working on this deck this recruiting deck like I blocked at time out for the afternoon on purpose because I know that's when my brain kicks. It's back up into creativity mode for whatever reason that's what works for me. I think what all of us have to do if you're thinking about this is used that construct so when are you the most creative make sure that time has blacked out and then leave your problem solving kind of putting out fires time. That's that's should be the time when you're not creative. When you're more just like tactical straightforward you know when the other side of your brain? I always get bring during confused which one's creativity and which ones kind of tactical stuff just like us that other side brain time for that stuff that that's an so your day just can be whatever it is. There's no like has to be mornings has to be night as to be whenever her it can mean from noon to every day just block that time the time doesn't matter. It's that you do it yeah. It's basically intervals and it's basically Wendy. You start them that works best for you and you basically get one well. You probably get like two cycles in for the day. Maybe three depending upon who you you are the other thing that I just heard you say though was again with this pitch deck. Dat is one of your. Let's say let's call that a moderate goal is to get this person on on board and so your miniature goal. You're blocked in your time blocked segments of working on that deck to make that bigger goal goal happen is smaller goals that you blocked out time for so I've so that's hundred percent sure so last week I had three separate meetings on bringing this person in we worked through kind of what are what are we offering him how to do it with the schedule going to be what things we. WanNa make sure they do so this. There's been four or five blocked time periods for this particular project and then obviously once they get here. There's a lot of block time because they'll be hands on with them but getting to the point where I can show up on Thursday morning of this week is when they come into town takes four or five blocked period the time of all different lengths to get that done so I just I knew that I wanted this person that could come in about a month ago and I started blocking the meetings and the Chretien time I'm in the iterations and all that kind of stuff so that I knew that I'd be ready for them when they walked in and if you don't block that time than it just won't get done yeah man then we can keep talking forever. We probably ought to wrap up because we've got other things. We've gotTa do we've got other things blocked out time wise that way but it's it's certainly showing going through your curiosity especially for talking to people about all aspects of life and achieving peak performance in all of those different areas so. I'm really excited for the Ryan Hanley show to drop and by the way we recorded this ahead of time so that it would drop win win. The show is available when Ryan show is out there so awesome. Let's just point people to where they can go. Grab it yeah so if you're interested in the podcast you can go to our Ryan Hanley. Dot Com and they'll just be a big podcast link at the time that they'll get it there I'm sure if you do a search inside of whatever podcast player that you like to listen to for the ride hailing show. You'll find it as well all. Those are the best places to get here. If you follow me in any of the socials I'll be. I'll be pushing it out and if you're interested in metabolic go to train metabolic DOT COM to learn more about what we're doing that. You can't really unless you frequent upstate New York. I'm you wouldn't be able to take a class right now. which which I understand but if you just want to check it out and we're hoping in the next five years will be will become into a city near you over the course of that time so Eric Dude? I appreciate this man. This has been a lot of fun and I appreciate you letting me go way off on tangents and meander through some your questions but this is how this is part of the process. I guess and it's just been tremendous tremendous to spend his time with you. Did Yeah Man I was glad to. Have you and you know that's where you find the best stuff so we'll we'll definitely have to have you come back on once you've talked to a bunch of people and we've got some really cool topics that have sprouted up to come back around to absolutely do in home at home man. We show they go awesome all right later. Thank you bye-bye. Let's another episode crossed off your podcast listening to do list. I hope that you enjoyed this conversation with Ryan Hanley if you did you can get more more of Ryan over at his show that's Ryan Hanley. Dot Com where you'll find his show the Ryan Hanley show and I hope that you enjoyed this conversation talking about why we make excuses how we can fight making excuses by deciding to go all in on those actions that we decide to take. I know that that's something that I have issues with sometimes like I said in this conversation and evidently Ryan does too. Are you in that boat well. I'd love to hear from you hit me up on.

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