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Hate the idea of you. Know maybe going to minnesota and trying to get the de ngelo russell malea beasley jaden mcdaniels package or something along along those lines. Where you're getting. You know three or four guys that can play for you in in the play. Awesome be high quality starters. You know that's that's direction. They need to go. But we'll see how long barrymore's willing to wait and try to drum up some sort of market for anson competition. I mean i think teams are going to be eager to low ball the sixers right and try to steal for you. Know twenty cents on a dollar now. The report says philadelphia settings interest all star. Ben simmons will not report for opening a training camp and intends to never play another game for the franchise. I mean that's directly toward you. Seems locked in hasn't spoken to the team since late. August meeting So just a very fascinating battle here in one that will be a big storyline for the rest of the league in the future league in terms of you know how much play how how much players can control their own destiny. And does darrow. Mauri have feel like some big responsibility here to try to control the situation. It's gonna be interesting to see training camp open soon and this obviously is probably the biggest now drama story in the league Yeah any other any other. Talk talk on his ben simmons. I mean this can be. It's going to be story going forward and you know it seems like a domino. That has to fall so we will get some somewhat of a fun trade with an all-star moving jeans hopefully sometime pretty soon. Do you make a trade for john wall i. I don't seeming that. be pretty low value. I don't think. I don't think they would stoop that low. I mean john wall is someone who the upside is high. If he's healthy. But we're talking about houston having to give up a first round. Pick to move off the amount of money that john wall. Oh i mean that'd be very low return for for. Maybe it's john wall and you know christian woods going to a third team and bringing in more or you get you know maybe kevin porter jr. i don't know that you know something like that and maybe more interested in a throwing it out there. I mean john you see rockets. We talked to allies pod that they're going to be working towards deal so i you know that kind of came to mind but you know again. It'll be an interesting week as we get into training camp starting next week. I think we'll get it more and more news about this. Ben simmons situation and I think the might be on if you let the pressure is on and it's not on for the sixers front office right because they we talked about the contract is still there. We have over there trade. That can be worked out in. And we can the sixers. And ben simmons and johnny go their separate ways crazy. How much transformation. The six hundred franchises undergone and go from the process to the process finally working. And you look like you have this sick team with simmons butler radic tobias joel embiid. I mean i think there are a lot of people thought that was like perfectly constructed championship contender with they brought..

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