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Their existing companies our customers and and to acquire new customers. Can you talk about some of those key partnerships new yes so one of them is <hes> trip rides. Trip is a software as a service platform that it just launched in the u._s. Two weeks ago and miami <hes> they officially partnered with the miami dolphins so that's great for us. What good is they have. Seventy five thousand users as i mentioned earlier and every user and driver rider driver has to have moby to transact so it's kind of peer to peer system so we have active users right out the gate of seventy five thousand. I'm just for moby and then we're currently integrating our esotique into their software. There's a retailer that we can use this. Yeah retailers can't over the retailers right now but the some of the biggest retailers dollars in the united states the big box stores and things of that nature watch will be doing a p._r. Released here in the next month or do that see that's big to me. I don't know oh you guys here that are listening with us. Would you agree that having the partnerships that are automatically going to onboard. Maybe that's actually the killer hilar app because we talked about that yesterday here in the mastermind and i think natural organic adoption is is really. I don't think it's going to matter what the app is. If moby pay is the one that gets into the hands of hundreds of thousands or millions of people guess what it's a very crypto world <hes> mhm i wanna ask what about your team. So what makes you guys sort of qualified to be able to launch this type of ecosystem yeah well. It makes you so a makes us well. The first person we brought on the team as our essentially our chief of counsel brian o'neill and everyone thought i was crazy doing a crypto project in the united states because the s._e._c. you see he's formerly s._e._c. Also formerly chief counsel new york stock exchange so from a compliance standpoint. We started there and then we move over to our c._t._o. Nick kuni and nick builds an accounting software <hes> up to about five hundred employees. I believe in sold it to sage which is the largest technology company in the u._k. So he understands accounting systems and lettering systems off chain which allowed us to build what we know. He's moby dick moby. Dick says younger brother moby dick wasn't available. We'll take nick <hes> love it. Just don't have any con artists on the team because then you'd have moby slick. Oh now see that's why we got the name bad crypto because i wasn't really bad so as we get ready to close at us or anything else that you want to make sure our listeners know about moby pay well. I think it's just the you know the the strategy for the mainstream adoption and that's really the key here and i think a lot of people people were focused on crypto a very small part of the demographic in the world that understand that so i think strategically were bridging the gap in that manner and have a real life application location with a real user adoption strategy the that's sets us apart in a real business right. We're not we're not a project. We're not a concept. We have a live beta right right now. You can transact. You can do certain things on but again. It's the real business and a real a real user. Adoption strategies thinks what sets us apart..

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