Governor Wittmer, Michigan Capitol Building, Adam Fox discussed on The CBS Evening News


Met during armed protest of the state's capital in June. The alleged conspirators are extremists who undertook a plot to kidnap a sitting governor. According to court papers. The militia members discussed the need for 200 men to storm the Michigan Capitol building. Take hostages, including the governor, who they would try for treason in a kangaroo court. The planning took place in a room hidden under a trapdoor group eventually decided to kidnap Wittmer, either at a personal vacation home or the governor's officials Summer residence. And try to blow up a bridge and escaped by boat. Adam Fox, one of the alleged ringleaders described it as a snatch and grab in communication being monitored by the FBI. With the help of undercover operatives alleged conspirators used operational security measures, including communicating by encrypted messaging platforms, But the suspects were also visible in videos online. And in social media posts, expressing right wing views and support for Kyle Riton House, the 17 year old who has been charged with shooting and killing two people during the protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin, racially motivated by an extremist over recent years. I've been responsible for the most lethal activity in the U. S. Tonight. Governor Wittmer is thanking law enforcement for breaking up the plot, bigotry and violence has no place. In the great state of Michigan. If you break the law, way will find you. In recent.

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