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It i mean it's like you got it on several to rotate wind i don't know how much consciousness there is but it's definitely stream of thought yeah and and i you know and i just would say to ricky in a get to the point you know just stop with a common well we're we've been telling him get to the point for a couple of years now i'd he'd never has i'm having to that now james he's just is intensely negative and i'm he's backed his eighth yeah it was a yesterday or the day before i normal yeah he's he he's been calling in on the discord which is certainly a chat room sort of thing but it also has a voice vice thing to where people can call in using that he's been calling in using the name mouth breathing dillard right right which is appropriate for him but uh i i you know he's here their every no it just everything he says is negative there isn't a war innings over rats live did you have anything to talk about other than a couple of callers dart's frauds so yeah let let's talk about drugs go ahead thank you uh i holder some of our listeners know short survive loudly loser by so i you know i book wait i don't need you know i don't even like take an aspirin after now for of blood center but two uh by it's just the it just seems crazy to me uh you know that that people can't manage themselves a little better i mean it's just but you know basic irresponsibility that that that you know create creates a drug abusers i and i think there are plenty of people that the can recreational he use a lot of drugs an an m p and out without a lot of problem of the noaa n m at the idea the that the but police in an and they don't wanna just yet uh you know the socalled illicitdrug saying they're going after anything that's been per scribe that may be the pill battle a dozen have your name on at any more or something like that but they're the the the the growth all of drug uh uh crimes it is been law most exponential they love you know pursuing drug users because they're not real criminals in our air how do you think they appears like some drag center rate keeping.

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