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Welcome to top advisor marketing where you will learn how to become a prolific online influence attract more ideal clients and grow your practice wrought to you by top advisor podcasting, a done for you. Podcasting solution Bill just for trusted advisers, and now nor co hosts of top advisor, marketing Turk, glow and met. Halloran. Hello, and welcome to another top advisor marketing podcast. We have a returning guest, and of course, you know, those are my favorite kind of gas because I already know they're known commodity. There are known thought Lear we've already gotten great results from their previous podcasts. That's why we have them back in and Craig Hirsch, who's a board certified estate planning attorney, and he runs the freedom practice practice management program, we talked about the freedom practice last time, I think it was up. So one twenty nine. So if you haven't heard that make sure you go back or all, you really have to do is type in Craig Hirsch Lincoln. He's frigging everywhere but today we're going to go in a different direction. And I'm really excited Craig as I had intro last time he writes for everybody. Right. So he's very very well. No, not just in the estate planning a community. But also like with wealth management dot com. You know, he does do a lot of practice management, writing and the preface of the last podcast was we know what could we possibly. Learn from an estate planning attorney about practice management financial services in. We learned a lot and today, we're gonna talk more about. Six as Craig knows as most of, you know, you are the biggest reason why you don't implement ideas in you in you, you know chase all of the shiny things for chase lots of rabbits. And so, what Creggan are going to talk about today's strategic risk taking, and how you can overcome some of the obstacles and barriers to generate an implement great idea. So Craig man, welcome to the show again. Thank you for having me here again. Matt. Hey, we'll quick, you know, so, so I know that you're going to be going through some, some rebranding stuff. But would you mind everybody? Right. Out in the outset on how they can get in touch with you. And you have a podcast. Yeah. We have a podcast for were in fact, starting a new one of the pad casts that.

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