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Jim douglas good morning good morning dana. How do you get a vacation or just yes i do. Oh yeah. I had my vacation a little earlier this summer. It was wonderful. It was a great day. I'm sure it was yeah back. After lunch i radio vermont personnel policies <hes> well great to be with you this morning and <hes> we've got a jammed pack show oh so i wanted to get to it in just a just a moment but let me tell you what's coming up <hes> in our first half hour. We're going to talk with the professor matt dickinson middlebury college. He's a presidential scholar. He's written widely he blogs regularly and <hes> he follows the presidential campaign trail quite closely so that'll be an interesting discussion and <hes> in the second half hour. We're going to talk with lindsay. Curly who's the newly anointed and appointed secretary of commerce and community development <hes> she has been the labor commissioner for the first couple and a half years of governor scott's administration so we'll talk with her about her new beat and then at <hes> after the ten o'clock news. We're going to hear from his excellency himself. Governor scott will be with us in studio to talk about <hes> oh the recent legislative session not to reason i guess but the most most recent season one and his priorities and how things stand with our state and we'll wrap it up with steve perkins in the last half hour. He's the director of the vermont. Historical society heidi is doing a fine job there and a lot of exciting things happening as we study and learn about our past so let's kick it off with the professor mad dickinson. I'm from.

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