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We even began right. I'm gonna do right. I'm wanna know something. Actually love being an attorney I think that it has presented share challenges just like any profession does but the one thing i will say is. I've learned a lot about my resilience in the short amount of time that have been an attorney ana allen's a howard for law school so my job right now coming back home but I worked at a law firm and clerked for judge. And i think we never realize like when you come out into the world did when they say this is a very white male dominated field then got never forget when i was clerking at clerked for black judge in jersey but people would just like one either not think she was a judge which was allowed to me or to like. I've gotten confused as the secretary on so many times to the point. That people can understand that i i graduated law school and so it was kinda like i did. I there secretaries. actually this wonderful white. Italian lady So you may want to her right. And so but i've had to deal with those microaggressions like all the time Law firm in my practice group. I was the only black woman. Remind you my family's in thirteen states can count on. Maybe two hands the amount of attorneys of color that includes black asian hispanic at the firm. Easy wasn't it. Ns i this is in like twenty twenty eighteen so this is now and bags that while i was there they promoted their first black woman partner. I'm like this has been around. For how long and we still have i. But that's the reality eighteen right but that was that's the reality of being a black woman lawyer. Where and i think we're going to disobey but like you either going to create your own spaces or you're going to go in and disrupt the space is that technically are not really even built for you and that is that is what it means to be lacking and illegal thaw man i think that's why representation is so important any time i mean a black woman that is doing something that you know quote not the norm in our society. I'm always like. Ooh i gotta talk to her because we need people like you to be on the front end showing us in most really showing the younger generation that it is possible. Yes girl you keep playing breaking the walls down girl in tearing them spaces. Okay thank you girl thank you. I think you're real june for our culture. Like i said you're a lawyer. You have a nonprofit agency anna consulting agency. So why don't you go ahead and tell us about your driving businesses in your platform sure. I'm outside with the nonprofit. Because i've had that one a little bit longer and that's my baby So with the nonprofit. I started that in twenty twelve and It's called mommy which stands for instilling my ability to naturally Embraced excellence and what i know. What focus i. It's funny it's a play on a name that actor one of my cousins Her middle name the money so it's kind of like a play on her name on and what it stands for me is.

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