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Authority for itself. I think there's a strong connection. Franklin Roosevelt back in one thousand nine hundred thirty s when he really created the modern anti monopoly movement that was sustained in this country up until Ronald Reagan. He broke up a lot of companies he was really a leader and going after concentrated power, and I think it's really notable the language that he used he referred to it as an monopolies is a form of industrial dictator ship dictatorship is something that we should reflect on in the context of what Amazon is. You know, I it's such a terrifying. Prospect. They had. I hope that I'm not sure exactly how to advance public awareness on this back in two thousand fourteen I wrote a piece suggesting that maybe Amazon and Google and some of these other companies needed to be regulated public utilities people thought, I was crazy. I feel now that that's two mile perhaps that that they are determined to especially Amazon to create a level of control that we haven't seen in modern times it perhaps ever because the technology behind it never existed before. And that this industrial dictatorship is almost here is mice fans, and we had the case with some European booksellers, for example, who suddenly found themselves out of business because Amazon didn't afford virtually out of business decided not to handle their used books any more than same way through its apes booksellers subsidiary. It's on I'm just wondering. What does Aleutian as I feel regulation? Do we need to break them up? What's the answer? Yeah. That's right. We should we should remember that the world's true that we've never seen anything quite Amazon before. Argued that this is a new kind of monopoly. We should remember that there are antecedents to it. And I think we can draw on some of those examples you're back in the nineteenth century when the railroad came along, you know, very disruptive technologies, but it's maybe how I'm going to describe the row row today near the railroad came along and initially there were a handful of powerful industrialist, Cornelius Vanderbilt. John D Rockefeller who gains control of those rail lines and used their control over the rail lines to disadvantage there other lines of business to maintain standard oil's market. They wouldn't let competing oil companies use their rail lines, and they would also use that control over market access to extort money from small businesses for farmers from sort of ordinary people who needed to get their wares tomorrow..

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