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Maybe thrown the ball away from the pocket and avoided a sacred tube by just getting rid of the football, like throwing it in the dirt or something. There were a couple times all that Justin Fields was hesitant and was afraid to do the wrong things. We just took a sack rather than getting rid of the ball getting it out of his hands. But did you guys see Jason Peters trying to play left tackle against Cleveland? Jason Peters was awful. The left tackle for the bears? Do you see his cut block on a three step from the shotgun passing point? Where Jesse always takes a long drop. Jason Peters tries to cut block. You cut block. Then what's your plan? You're on the ground. You can't actually do any pass pro if you're on the ground. Was there a miscommunication? Did he think Justin Fields is going to catch and throw the ball immediately? He's like, what's going on there? Jason Peters, how to play where, for some reason, he didn't expect to be blocking miles Garrett who's the guy outside of him. Miles Garrett on your left, and Jason Peters for some reason, was he on drugs? I don't know. He just doesn't even look at ball snapped, doesn't even look at a miles Gerard off to his left. He just focuses in, there's no one who has left a block mail Garrett. He lets miles Garrett get halfway past him and then gives like a half assed block trying to block. I'm like, what are you doing? Jason Peters is a well respected NFL veteran. Look, I don't know what he's doing here, but that was not the way. He was awful against miles Gary. And when you have your left tackle playing that badly, you can't do anything. Ask the Titans week one against Taylor Taylor Wanda's horrible week one against the colts. This is the cold two to the Titans play week one. Whoever the Seattle maybe, whoever, Taylor lewan was really, really awful week one. Whoever the Titans played out, I'm blanking on that, but I remember he makes terrible..

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