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Keith Ellison, DNC, Judge Cavanaugh discussed on Sean Hannity


Professor Ford. Dear professor for it. We know how difficult it is the standard powerful people. Thank you for sharing your story of sexual violence as members of the Senate determine whether supreme court nominee. Brad Kavanagh on. Serve as. This context is critical the behavior you described was wrong. Are incredible credible. And yeah, we believe you. All right. News roundup and information overload hour on the Sean Hannity show right down on toll free number on this big breaking news. They now. Imagine a bunch of conservative said. Yeah. Judge Cavanaugh is credible. And we believe you and said system instead a sisters brothers. And there was a rush to judgment here. Imagine what the outrage would be on the left with that type of ad. I went through this whole long laundry list of all these Democrats that are in trouble. Now that have been in trouble in the past and the very same people that either work with them or endorsed them or support them. They have been utterly silent. Most recently you've got Keith Ellison. This guy goes on to win the party's nomination to be the next Minnesota attorney general all the problem for him is a month ago in August is ex girlfriend when public with numerous claims that he not only physically abused her. Her a multiple occasions. One instance, she claims he violently dragged her through the house by by our feet while she's screaming while he's screaming. Get the bleep out of my house. Get the bleep out of my house or didn't seem to impact the people of Minnesota as he won the party's nomination to be the next Minnesota attorney general he is number two most powerful man at the DNC. You have so many other prominent people that have been cavenaugh accusers now. But you don't find any of these Democrats that are standing behind Ellison's ex-girlfriend haven't heard from here Ston gillibrand, or or virtually anyone for that matter and Ellison's girlfriend just tweeted that the Democratic Party not only just didn't believe her didn't stand as sisters with her. You know, didn't say she was credible. Even though she had a doctor's report indicating abuse. And we're told that there are also video and audio images that she's not yet released. He tweeted, the DNC quotes smeared. Threatened and isolated her Tom Perez is the DNC chairman the number one in Allison's number two. He said he's proud that. He made Ellison the deputy DNC chairman and both Ellison. We've asked them for common. You know, get anything, you know, then you got, you know, the horrible things in the divorce papers Sherrod Brown where he is ex wife literally details abuse allegations against Tim is a small part of an ad that is running against him in the state of Ohio. Now, Senator.

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