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We welcome in Beni Snell to the program where I have a Heisman voting them. I'm already leaning toward our next guest number twenty three, Betty, thank you so much for being here. Congratulations. What what, what a year you've had and your team has had appreciate that. Yes, sir. Thank you. And I shouldn't have even mentioned the Heisman. I know there's a, there's a game this Saturday, but I think you're pretty, you have to be pretty cognizant that your name is already being pushed by a lot of your fans and in Kentucky. I would imagine that makes you feel pretty good. Yes. It's a long time coming blessings. It is. We'll, we'll listen. We've watched you after the big wins against Florida. We watch you the other night you, you have an energy on the field and even afterwards that that is so inspiring take us through your your your mindset. It seems like everyone continues to disrespect this program and you and your teammates continue to surprise the world. Yeah, really is just, you know, a lot of outside talk about a lot of doubt. Before two games, you know before the week during practice. But you know here, Kentucky know, focus on playing football. We focus on being aggressive team, you know jumping out on our opponents. We make sure we know are very well. We come in for extra film and we'd get ahead, you know. So we know in those on those close games and we gotta finish and had a fight, you know, that's what we come to do. We come to show that fight that we got video. I'm to. I'm going to go back up a week's wanna work my way up until what happened Saturday night because it seemed the Florida game. Nobody gave you a chance. Everyone was disrespecting, and there was just a mission that all all of you guys had. How big was that game? Just getting over the hump finally ending the streak that was started long before you were born? It was huge. It was huge. You know, this is it was a, it was a big hump that that's been held over Kentucky for for a long time. You know, they talk about thirty one thirty two years. I wasn't even. Born, you know, but coast coach stoops into coach day, they, they hindered us away from that. You know, we didn't want to focus on that. You know, we took it as a new year. This is a new team and you know going in we, we knew that we would have better team and that if you just work your opponent, you know it's just gonna come. So it was definitely a fun game, and it was a fight to the air and then Saturday night. Experts again. They did not like your chances. Do you do you hear all that stuff or you try to shut it out? Or is it just simply impossible to miss. Where then, you know, I'll try to set it out. I set it out a lot, but you know, always got the TV on and I'm always watching football. And so I'm seeing that pre game predictions by by Kirk and a lot of those guys. And you know, we just take it as motivation, but I, I really pay not to it. Did you seemed after the Florida game to have a specific message to one of my colleagues in a former Florida player, Tim TB had had he did he say something that motivated you. It's really not important, you know, but you know, that's just that that example, and him himself just a. Going against us going against our odds. And you know, I for Kentucky, I'll stay. I'll stand for Lexington. This is this is what I do. So you know him him have a his comments and me looking at him that his way just, you know, just Oz was against us, and I had to prove that wrong. You did, you did you did you did that day and you did it again Saudi and and already I realize, you know, we're not supposed to talk about these things, but there's always a favourite in a game. And we were looking at some statistics today and I don't know how they come up with this stuff, but they already have South Carolina as the pick over Kentucky. Something tells me that you chomping at the bits to prove everyone wrong..

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