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And they're waiting for this hot. Go off bill. Rally series right in trenton at first base and so it just so happens i think it was one out. And all of a sudden in the middle of the hopper goes off and so it's pretty flammable so writes up a little bit and and they'll doesn't know anything because he's got his hands on knees he's paying attention the game in the pitcher and hitter and So this goes off and it was probably ten or fifteen seconds before he realizes because he saw the smoke coming in front of me and so You know the pete rose who's grown up in cincinnati. He may enjoy it. Clair's enjoyed it and go round with some not so much. Gotcha yeah that was a classic that you can catch that. One on on film i think folks phil robinson somewhere out. There gotta be somewhere. I wanna talk to you quickly. We got a couple of minutes riot. Roger out seinfeld's now. Keith gets a lot of play at the episode. Because he's up here in new york on tv and they talk about it. Occasionally gary keith. And on the tv. And once in a while jerry shows up and he's in the booth and of course everybody remembers the episode. How many times do people come up to you and talk about seinfeld Probably more than baseball. Wow this usually goes seinfeld's rock and jock mtv rock and jock and then i was a baseball And so You know it's I did see that it was too. It was like jerry was in the booth and yeah pop about seinfeld and keep. Their ios agreed opportunity. Great experience and her new. I mean it was a second season seinfeld and who knew it was going to become the conic series and became so i was fortunate enough to be a part of it the and really i mean you know you think about it. I mean there's only two hour long series two part series and that was that was our episode. Which was i think entitled the boyfriend. Deploy friend right. You don't keep he. Obviously it was the boyfriend and you know the the line of keeping you know. I know you know do anything. I want exactly so it was It was a lot of fun I think they had somebody else for that role. But the key knowing. Larry david and jerry and know the guy. The guy is perfect for this as writer. So yeah i have to give Keep credit..

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