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Remind you that Andrew Stotz is the host of the my worst investment ever podcast will have a linked to that unconscious millionaire show dot com. What's a book that you'd like to recommend a book that really turned around? My life changed. My life was a book called the six month. Fix by Gary Sutton S. U. T. O. N. what's the book about? Basically I love his opening line. He's his opening line in the book. Is Hello you are the if you're reading this you are the CEO. And when I come you leave and the reason is because I can do what you can't or you won't do. And basically his point is that sometimes we get attached to our businesses in ways that prevent us from doing the right thing and when I saw that I was about to lose. We were about to lose our coffee business. Many many years ago after the nineteen ninety-seven crisis in Asia. And all of that and I read that book and I thought to Myself. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA show this guy in this book that I can make the changes in our business that we can make the tough decisions in our business and that's really what this book got me to do. So that I didn't have to meet the turnaround guy that was taken over my business and then making it successful and profitable so I love that because it's about hard truth and I find that when we're willing to have hard truth ourself with have the most success is. I've told people I've made mistakes. And they've often times involved other people who didn't say fulfill their role right but when I take one hundred percent of that responsibility I drive all that responsibility to me. Because after all they could choose to clean up their life or not clean up their life. But I'm the one here to clean up my life and make my business stronger and make my contribution at a higher level so just take all the responsibility folks. Don't worry about blaming anyone. At of course there are other people who might have contributed through situation but but blaming them even one percent takes away from your power to grow faster and to take care of the problem and so it's always better to take all the responsibility because after all if you take all the responsibility you get all the growth and you'll end up with all the success and that's really what you wanted to begin with. What's the best way for listening to reach out if they want to learn more about your coffee company or what you're doing in terms of your investment and all the advice that you have is a financial analyst the easiest way to do that is just to go to my worst investment ever? Dot Com and in there. There's two ways you can contact me through the contact form which will.

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