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And there's been a lot of us so this is the full video now. I think it's already up to one hundred thousand views and it's only been released for a couple of days Think the second video had like ten million views. The third video had twenty million views. So seb is definitely out there in the social media cycles and if you remember correctly he was actually the novel. Lehrer who got through on the popular vote back in two thousand and sixteen at red bull x fighters. So if you were trying to pick the name. Sebastian whispered and you couldn't quite work out who it was that will probably the be the one that soda triggers it. He was the guy that turned up in surprised everybody in three down a really good run addicts fighters and was purely because of your fights. The fan vote that got him in there and another big news actually from bile from somebody who just goes crazy. harry bank. Sorry goodall benke. He's always flat out on social and it was really cool actually the last week or two. He's released a couple of videos on youtube with his new. I don't know what to call it. I think he's cold at the pluto. Buddha maybe i heard that riot. Maybe i didn't love got a bad memory. And that's only two weeks ago But he's got a new massive airbag and he's got this new massive ramp which is the same ramp. The travis pastrana did the double backflip. Three sixty on harry's bill to at for his place down there on the gulf coast. And i can imagine the main reason for building that ramp would be to send some triple backflips. Obviously give travis's double becky three sixty a gar. And then let's see. Let's see what harry bank can do. He has landed some unbelievable tricks over the years like a ramp. That big was so much airtime onto this. Huge airbag from began bag That's going to be ridiculous and actually the really cool part about the videos on youtube so check these out. He's kind of going through the build of the ramps and setting up the ramps and seeing this massive airbag which is basically replacing the farm pit. It's huge. It's so big and i didn't actually appreciate really what goes inside of an airbag bought you get to see all of it and harry's video check that out it's pretty wild and he's got some footage of the first jumps onto it as well. Cy yep jump. On harry beings youtube you will not regret. I want to give a quick shout out actually to a young another ozzy. Ripa a young kid called ri- hazel. He's only thirteen years all these young gun from stroke and he unfortunately broke both famous a few days ago. But i've been following him recently on instagram and i'm starved on progress. But it looks. Like i wasn't the only one stocked on him because as he's been laid up with two broken famous which must absolutely suck..

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