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Oh on that note here to talk more about all of it peter baker chief white house correspondent for the new york times and msnbc political analyst shannon petty peace white house correspondent for bloomberg and danny savalas a veteran criminal defense attorney and msnbc legal analyst dna i'm going to start with you gingerly be very tender with those of us who are lay members of the audience especially the slow among us when i ask you to describe what this arbitration process is that sarah huckabee sanders is saying the president one the arbitration process is a form of alternative dispute resolution and what it means is companies love these big companies rich folks because they offer a private a secret way of resolving disputes in a way to hire and right exactly retired judges of will often become arbitrators it's a private court date you can resolve your claimed there usually you can define the parameters of this secret tribunal in your contract you can say there is no appeal if you read this agreement in everyone has access to this complete and this agreement the terms are so in favor of dd david denison whoever that may be david denison can pick the arbitrator david denison can pick this state that the law the laws of the state that he once david denison can decide that there is no appeal david denisot has all the power as to the arbitrator so that win sarah sanders said they won in arbitration they didn't really win the contract allowed them to walk over to an arbitrator of their choice and say give us a tro give us a temporary restraining order and you can see in the in the arbitrators order that she looked at it decided that she really didn't have a choice but to issue a tro and that was done without any due process why because the contract allowed for it that's why stormy daniels and her team hacked to invalidate this contract because it.

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