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And it was the first you have seen on FOX event. And this I see on ESPN event. Imagine what you probably think of came Velazquez who doesn't have. You know, the impressive physique who doesn't have you know. The look if you will if you look at Francis. You looking Cain. You're probably thinking if you don't know anything about the sport. Of course, that guy's the former champion in the end. It's it's it's really came. But with Francis has been able to do how he's been able to turn his career around. Nothing. Short of amazing. I can't believe and I know for the next week. All I'm going to get are crazy people on Instagram Twitter, telling me about how was the knee, and they've lost respect for me in you've changed, and blah, blah, blah. I mean, it's like I watched it. I watched it on my phone. I watched on TV. I went back to my phone, and I'm like that I missed something here. Like, a my not seeing this punch now, it's unfortunate. Now, if you're if you're trying to say that the punch led to his knee buckling. And then that led to his further. Demise? Then I can understand where you're coming from. But for for people to just say like, oh, he he likes stubbed his knee. And that's the only reason why he went down. And in fact, no punches I've seen the no punches landed one to which is just absolutely mind numbing to be. No punches landed. What are you talking about? No punches landed. Did you? I mean, the fight is twenty six seconds. Just go back and watch it many punches landed. It's unfortunate for Kane. It's shocking. No one saw this coming. But I mean, that's just what happened he may have been rocked. And as a result has knee buckled. That's the thing. And as I said at the top of the show have your Mendez his head coach told me that they are awaiting the results of of the Mra to see what exactly happened. But that is very much thing that happened. He got rocked as a result. He may have lost his footing as a result. He may have you know, turn the wrong way. He may have landed the wrong way as he was falling down. Then the knee. That happened. But as a result of the damage inflicted by by Francis. And guy new and then there was more damage on the ground. So I don't understand why this is controversial. I don't understand. Why to talking point you guys say that I'm the one who creates all this drama. Holy moly. Challen? I did our thing. It was a hostile takeover. It was the new new new new new new knows world order if you will. And we're on sportscenter. And I think that we're doing great and everyone's loving the coverage and all this stuff. And then I go on on social media. And like, I can't believe I can't believe that you did that what I can't believe you said that I can't believe you call the knockout throng people. It was a knockout. Relax. All right matter moments. We're going to be joined by Michael venom page coming off that big win over Paul Daley this weekend. So the grudge match at least for now has been settled page wins a very close fight won the fight via decision. And now he moves on. To the next round of the tournament may eleventh in Rosemont, Illinois, the AllState arena that's going to be a busy night in may because it's that event, and it's also you have seen curry Tiba. I broke the news last week that the main event for that card is going to be Michael Chandler against Patricia pit bull. So the one forty five champion Patricia pit bulls. Moving up from one forty five to go challenge for the one fifty five pound title, and he can be just the second fighter in Bellevue..

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