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Notre spouses to they're social professional and community network and spouses created their own personal and dan professional elevator pitch learn the art of networking because it really is a science you know <hes> and engage in feet networking with other spouses hiring lawyers. Maybe leaders organizations that yvette in spouses will walk away meeting fifteen to thirty people by the end of the today the goes back to you know seeing you know building your network before you need it. This program allows you to do that <hes> well. He just had a question. Come in from one of our listener so with the support the u._s._o. Offers military spouses is also so apply to retired military spouses or only active duty well. I want to south always so you know <hes> the u._s._o. People offers <hes> pathfinder program. <hes> those are spouses so an estimated two hundred thousand plus servicemember transitions out of the military each year <hes> and then more than six hundred fifty thousand ultrasounds are constantly. You know transitioning so this pass on a program extend that u._s._o. U._s._o. Experience to active duty reserve national guard and military spouses as they transition from the military and settle into their new community so i i will fall into that category either so my husband.

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