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Time ever there have been two. Division. Extra games to decide who wins the division. First time ever in the nationally. On Wall Street today. The Dow went up a hundred and ninety three point probably on the announcement of Canada and the NAFTA deal trade deal. Dow's up one hundred and ninety three twenty six thousand six hundred fifty one the NASDAQ was down though, nine points eight thousand and thirty seven finished and the s&p was up ten points actually up to eleven points as he was about eleven points two thousand nine hundred and twenty five. Four two four twelve sixty anything you want to chat about today, we have an election coming up in November. If you hadn't heard you can register to vote until a week from tomorrow, then you can start early voting week from tomorrow. In the Albuquerque journal fitting that we just had the end fit trim coverage in the journal. Yesterday's Albuquerque journal der was the section. I like to read. About the bills before congress house and Senate who voted on what? And on a week where we saw the cavenaugh hearings. And by the way, Mitch McConnell just came out Santa majority leader for the Republicans just came out and said dismissed all rumors accusations evidence against Brad Kavanagh. Mitch McConnell doesn't care that. He is a man. Brad Kavanagh trapped in the psyche of a five year old boy that has never dealt with his stuff never dealt with his stuff. Mitch McConnell wants this five year old temper tantrum little drunk boy. Could be a supreme court Justice. Unbelievable. But after you know, after Thursday after Friday after the weekend after all of this stuff that women have been going through recounting reliving re experiencing. Before.

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