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The nation listener in anywhere in the Iowa City area. Please come visit be so fun to have you and we are back at where ready for topic number one point five okay. The CD's principal deputy director said this week. That it quote. It's not a question of if it's a question of when and how many people will be infected referring to the crow virus You know this is. This is what makes mothers around the country. Call their daughters in utter panic worse so I did when you when you said your mom has called you twice a day. I was like Oh. Is She busy or something? It's call from my mom. She called twice once. Because I couldn't really talk and then another. She called the day before anyways. It's she saw like basically two days in a row. I don't exaggerate my claims. She's not a crazy person but she is like a worry wart So I guess it's An and you know what it is it's like I mean I think for me too. It's the images out of Italy for summary. I mean it's like for some reason you sort of like well. A Western country will have exactly the right to response to this situation and they will shut down immediately in. There won't be a problem and everyone will be on the streets of Milan and then to see the streets of Milan. Empty in the news footage. I think that is quite shocking. So do you feel like they're some basically is it? Are we at mom panic or should we be? Where trump is where he's like. Everything's fine. Don't worry my.

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